Sunday, February 26, 2012

Update; 02/26/12

I'm in something of a quandry. Today the combine kicked off. As expected I buckled and did indeed begin to watch the live coverage of the on field drills. I stopped again after about 4 minutes, as they missed the entire middle section of the very first drill in order to show a video package of Matt Kalil. Classic NFL Network, favouring video packages of the top guys over the actual action taking place on the field.

Well screw it. I gave up straight away and that's me done with the NFL Networks combine coverage for good. It's not even "coverage" by the proper definition. It's more like a side show until the more famous players can run their 40-yard dashes etc. I was prepared to give the NFLN the chance, to see if they'd learnt but no, no they haven't.

I just...... I'm sitting here now and my f**king blood is boiling just thinking about it. The astounding arrogance of that network to think that all people care about is the top guys and to somehow believe that it is acceptable to miss half the damn drills in favour of all their crappy packages, presenters, and all that other pointless bulls**t that they put on.

I can't watch it. I'd go insane. I'd end up smashing my computer to pieces in a fit of rage at how laughably poor the production and direction is. I've honestly never known a company with so much money to take a subject that could be so interesting, and then to piss it away so badly. I cannot stand that god forsaken network and their pathetic attempts to put on a program. Clueless arseholes, the whole bunch of them.

So instead I reverted back to my original plan which was to just watch game footage of the players, but as I've found out, this year that's proving a whole lot harder than it was last year.

Honestly I'm so demoralised by the whole situation right now that I don't know if I can even bothered anymore.

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