Wednesday, June 06, 2012

2012 NFL Draft: Round 3 - Picks 1-10

(64) 1. Colts select TE Dwayne Allen: I quite like Allen and stand by what I said originally. He’s comfortable both as a run blocker and a receiver. He has good hands, runs some really good, smart routes and is excellent coming straight out of the break and making the catch. Impressive and along with Coby Fleener he makes an excellent tool for supporting new quarterback Andrew Luck in his rookie year.

(65) 2. Rams select CB Trumaine Johnson: Quite why they did is anybody’s guess. He stinks. He’s so weak and afraid to get stuck in it’s embarrassing to watch. He’s fragile and his coverage is generally poor. He just sits off waiting for the quarterback to make a mistake instead of trying to proactively help his team shut receivers down.
(66) 3. Vikings select CB Josh Robinson: I stand by my early comments – if he didn’t run a blazing time at the combine then we wouldn’t be talking much about him. He gets muscled off the ball far too easily, too easy to block and can’t live with the good receivers without a big cushion. For someone with his athletic ability he’s incredibly disappointing.

(67) 4. Broncos select RB Ronnie Hillman: Kind of average. Not bad cutting once he gets out into space, but the problem is he hesitates far too much as he approaches the line. The result is quite a relatively high number of negative plays. Helped by an O-line that did its fair share of holding at the point of attack.
(68) 5. Texans select WR DeVier Posey: Hot and cold. I’ve seen him run a few good routes and I’ve seen him run some pretty bad ones. He made a few good catches, but he also dropped some nice and easy shots that came right at him. Having Terrelle Pryor as his quarterback for so long didn’t help one bit.

(69) 6. Bills select WR T. J. Graham: I really like Graham. He’s very quick, which is unsurprising given his record as a track athlete. He returns punts and kicks in addition to burning defenders downfield. He’s quite elusive with the ball in his hands, ducking, diving and dodging his way around would be tacklers. I think he brings something to the table that the Bills have desperately been missing, just that little bit of fizz and playmaking ability.

(70) 7. Jaguars select P Bryan Anger: Don’t know, don’t care. Most Punters can’t consistently kick the ball into the corner anyway.

(71) 8. Redskins select OG Josh LeRibeus: Errr, couldn’t tell you. I have nothing on the SMU offense right now.

(72) 9. Dolphins select DE Olivier Vernon: Why do people feel the need to point out that the Miami Hurricanes are “Miami of Florida”? Surely when anyone thinks of Miami they think of the one in Florida by default and thus shouldn’t feel the need to point that out when talking about the Hurricanes. Just bugs me. Anyway… that’s how interesting Vernon is. Does nothing, contributes only in games played under a full moon and all in all seems like a complete waste of a pick.

(73) 10. Chargers select FS Brandon Taylor: Yeah, not a bad strong safety. His coverage skills are a little suspect at the minute. He had a few picks, but more than once he was just the recipient of a deflected pass. He particularly struggles in man to man. Down around the box though he’s not afraid to get stuck in and even has pretty good instincts. With the NFL the way it is though, he might find limited use until he can improve against the pass.

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