Monday, July 16, 2012

Update; 07/16/12

It seems bizarre but the blog has actually been attracting more views without me doing anything!

I am here though. Inevitably the blog feel to the way side during the off season, as I suspected it might. Other things consume my time, as they seem to for most amatuer football bloggers who, unlike our over paid, integrity challenged comrades in the mainstream, do not have all day to sit about thinking of ways to turn innocuous comments by football players into overblown media stories.

I have followed some of the off season buzz, but granted not a lot. It seems that most of the hype has surrounded the ludicrous deal that was given to Drew Brees, a deal the Saints can never hope to reap the benefits of. When I look at the offseason free agent market and think what the Saints could have brought in for that kind of money, I'm a little stunned.

I've also had little interest in some of the stupider articles that come out of the offseason. I've seen at least four or five articles belonging to major news sites that were nothing more than simply taking the opinion of a local beat writer and trying to pretend that is factually representative of how an entire football organisation views a certain situation.

There have also been a steady stream of misquotes and twists of what certain players have said about their teams, seasons, or team mates. It really is depressing to read some of the pure drivel that gets written.

And of course, player after stupid player has been arrested or otherwise run a foul of the law. Apparently getting paid millions of dollars a year is not enough to afford a taxi cab. Nor is getting regularly drug tested enough of a hint to some players, as if the advice of their coaches wasn't enough, that they should be staying away from drugs.

Ah well, stupid is as stupid does I guess.

Over the course of the next few weeks I expect the volume of posts on this blog to go up a little as the football season slowly lurches back out of the dark days of summer and into the bright and bountiful months of winter.

Or something like that.

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