Friday, August 10, 2012

A Quick Rant

My next full post will be a look ahead at the NFC East, but just briefly I want to touch on something that came up after tonight's pre-season game involving the Broncos against the Bears.

Basically Peyton Manning took the field and did ok, nothing special, then got picked off. But what drives me nuts about football commentating and analysis is how the NFL Network crew, who naturally made a flurry of snide remarks about the receivers not being used to having accurate passes thrown to them during the short lived Tebow era, then proceeded to pour all the blame on the offensive line and the receivers.

Now in that respect, they're right; the Broncos have a bad O-line and their receivers are on their own unique level of terrible. But during the Tebow era it was all described as Tebow's fault and he was the sole cause of all the problems. Now that Manning has arrived however, oh now everyone has suddenly changed their tune. Despite the fact that Manning had a fairly average showing, suddenly it was all the fault of everyone else and Manning was perfect.

This kind of thing just makes my blood boil. When it's Tebow throwing to those receivers, he gets all the flak and the receivers are painted as being blameless. Enter the golden boy Manning and all of a sudden everyone has reversed course. It's total hypocrisy and the trouble is that it leaves an indelible impression on fans who turn to the TV experts for guidance.

And high school coaches wonder why parents are so ignorant to the game, or college coaches wondering why news reporters covering them are the same. There's your reason why. Shit like that.

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