Wednesday, April 24, 2013

2013 NFL Draft

So it's draft time again. And yes, this blog has been left abandoned and desolate for a while now. I frankly haven't had the time, because of work and other projects. But as the sun finally starts shining again for more than a few hours here in the UK, the buzz of football is luring me back in.

Clearly I don't have the time to assess the 2013 class before the draft happens, but instead I'm thinking I'll go through them over the coming summer. The success of my analysis of last years players, like Russell Wilson (only one person I know of publicly tagged him as a "should have been a first rounder", and that was me) has given me the drive to get back on the horse again.

So far I've only had a look at two players, Geno Smith and Mike Glennon, and even that was just two games each. Smith was not exactly setting the world alight from what I can see, which doesn't bode well for a draft where Smith is considered the top QB prospect. Glennon I was more impressed with, which means this could be another classic draft where all the top touted talents do average in the pros and the players that fall through the cracks (except on blogs like this, see Wilson above) end up going on to have the better careers.

We'll see. Good luck to all the teams, but of course, especiall the 49ers!

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