Friday, April 28, 2017

2017 NFL draft; first round targets

The 2017 NFL draft is about to begin and I haven't posted in about two years, so my expectations of this being read by anyone are low. But still, it's fun, and my track record is decent when it comes to draft analysis so why not?

I've been watching some of the college prospects over the course of the season but like an idiot I didn't make notes at the time. I fully intended to swing back into action for this draft but as is a common problem for me, work prevailed. My memory of what I saw is sketchy in parts, but I remember a few things. If I can find the time I intend to try and retrospectively look at some of the players, as even though they'll have been drafted, they won't have hit the field just yet.

For now I might as well just bang out my quick list of first round picks that I would be most interested in. They are, in order;

- Derek Barnett, defensive end
- Mike Williams, wide receiver
- Soloman Thomas, defensive end
- Malik Hooker, safety
- Jamal Adams, safety
- Dalvin Cook, running back

For me, Barnett's production makes him a much better choice that Garrett. but I guess we'll see in the end. I hope this will be the first of a few posts and if you're reading this, thanks for stopping bye!!

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