Friday, December 10, 2010

Thursday Night Football recap

Indianapolis Colts 30 @ Tennessee Titans 28: So the Colts are back to winning ways. Just. When Manning threw his second TD of the night to Garcon and the Colts took a 21 point lead, everyone in LP field got that sinking feeling. The word "blowout" was hanging on a lot of lips. But for a team that has struggled with everything from its starting quarterback, to getting production out of a future hall of fame free agent receiver, to scoring touchdowns, this was a pretty good offensive show. Except for the loss, obviously. There was a debatable pass interference call in the end zone near the start, but let that not be an excuse for the Titans for what was a very poor start to the game and generally a bit of a nightmare at times on defense. They stuck with it though and with the Colts more inclined to run the ball in this game and burn time of the clock to protect their lead, the Titans found a way back in. A big part of that was Chris Johnson, who had 22 carries for 111 yards and a TD. Add on eith catches for 68 yards (both team highs) and it appears the Titans are remembering who their money guy is right now. Even Kerry Collins did well, throwing 28/39 for 244 yards and 3 TD's, 0 INT's. That last figure, the 0 interceptions, is something the Titans with their style of play really need. Because their defense is not up to par. In the closing 4 minutes of the game the Titans elected to punt the ball away and try to get a defensive stop while only down by 6. That's when Manning hit Garcon several yards shy of the first down... only for some abject tackling by the Titans that allowed Garcon to break free and squirm down the sideline for a big gain that led to a field goal. Really, this kind of thing bugs me. It shouldn't. I shouldn't care. I should laugh at the Titans and their own ineptitude. But it does. When I think of all the defensive players that never make the jump from college to the NFL. When I think of all the rookies and backups around the league who know they're operating on borrowed time. When I think of the amount of times I've heard the line "well, he's an NFL coach, what about you?" as if that somehow automatically imbues an individual with untold wisdom and talent. When I think back to the fact that when I was eleven I went to rugby practice and the rugby coach/Information Technology teacher Mr. Vidler had us spend the first session working on absolute basics, like passing and good tackling. It just bugs me. I can't stand watching players who get paid millions tackle like this was the Pro Bowl. I mean it's so basic. It's basic defensive football. Defense 101: The Fundamentals of Tackling. If only the Titans could tackle as well as I am belabouring this point, they'd be unstoppable. Anyways, Colts win so I'm 1-0 in picks this week. Tomorrow/later today/sometime soon I'll hit up the first half of my Sunday picks for week 14. Till then, Have a great day everyone.

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