Monday, December 13, 2010

Week 14 notes

No recap just yet, instead some notes from Week 14: - The state of penalties is getting beyond ridiculous. The "roughing the passer" call against the Seahawks for a "foul" on Alex Smith was just pathetic. And this is coming from a 49ers fan who even happens to like Alex Smith! It was just the most putrid example of nit picky over protection of quarterbacks. One day all these issues are going to be solved and future generations will look back at this era and simply be disgusted with what passed for football. - Another part of that disgust will stem from the amount of time we currently sit around watching endless replays from every conceivable angle of whether a players foot went a millimeter out of bounds or not. I'm gradually coming to understand the arguments of some that video replay should be removed from the game, or at least dramatically reduced. Let the referees ref and if they happen to make a judgment call mistake by a half inch or so, then we put it down to human error made during the fast paced action. Maybe if they weren't so concerned with whether a QB got slightly tapped on the head or not, then they would see more of the other action taking place. - I didn't do very well pick wise. - The Browns/ Bills game was boring. I expected a hard fought contest. It was a snooze fest. - The Falcons offensive balance is looking pretty scary right now. - What the hell happened to Green Bay? I know Aaron Rodgers got concussed but c'mon! - Oakland/Jacksonville. Awesome game. - Looking at the Bengals/Steelers game, maybe now more people will start to understand that Chad Ochocinco and Terrell Owens are not the problem, Carson Palmer is. - The Redskins absolutely should have beaten the Buccaneers but their own ineptitude killed them off. - The Saints defense looked like the 2009 defense for a change. - The 49ers shafted the Seahawks by nearly 20 points, despite gaining just 10 first downs. - The 43-13 win by the Cardinals doesn't tell the whole story. The Cards kicked 5 field goals, faked another to score, scored once off an interception and benefited greatly from 2 other interceptions by Kyle Orton. - New England put up 33 of it's 36 points before half time. - The poor performance by the Jets, especially Mark Sanchez, has helped the Dolphins to escape criticism for what was hardly a stellar performance on their own part. - It appears my faith in Brodie Croyle was sorely misplaced. In total the Chiefs only ended up running 37 total offensive plays. - DeSean Jackson is one of those players who does nothing useful for extended periods of time, then suddenly busts out a few huge plays that make a big difference. I'll be back at some point after the Monday Night games to do a full recap, till then Have a great day everyone.

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