Saturday, March 05, 2011

What's Chris been up to?

So, how's the CBA coming along? It's not. How's my series of articles previewing the AFC teams coming along. It's not (yet). How's my further study into some of the combine players coming along. Meh. I've been watching Prince Amukamara today (not literally, like with binoculars). This is a good case in point when it comes to evaluating the combine and the performances put on. Essentially Amakumara was nothing special at the combine. He was probably a little below average on the field drills. But in games you can see he has great awareness of what's going on around him. He reacts quickly and he' s not afraid to get stuck in to a tackle. Basically the tape tells a very different story to what we saw at the combine. Maybe there is hope yet for Cam Newton? (cough* bust, *cough, cough)

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