Friday, March 25, 2011

2011 Draft: Running backs

Every now and again, the planets align, the moon passes through Capricorn, and I manage to produce a post on time. On that note, let's get right down to business by looking at some of the running back prospects for the 2011 draft. There will be some omissions, and by that you can just generally assume that I don't have much faith in them. The players I like are presented here. - Mark Ingram: Without question the best back in the draft. Just... no arguments. The combination of vision, agility, acceleration, speed and power. I don't think I need to belabour this point any further. Just take note when this guy gets the ball. - DeMarco Murray: Real talented player. Did well at the combine and everything I've seen in game tells me that Murray is going to be a hit in the NFL. I don't think he's getting enough credit. - Kendall Hunter: I love watching Kendall Hunter play. Fun back who has real talent, strong, hard working. Hunter will probably drop a little in the draft which is a shame, because he has a lot to bring to the table for whoever drafts him. - Shane Vereen: This kid has simply ridiculous agility. You see him put a foot in the ground one second, and the next he's darting off in a new direction. Just superb. Not sure where Vereen is expected to go, but he has serious potential. He reminds me a bit of Jamaal Charles. - Jacquizz Rodgers: I was a little worried at times a Rodgers's vision, but other than that he's an excellent back. Again, he's fast, very agile, great balance. - Jordan Todman: I wasn't hot on Todman for a long time, but literally in the last few days I've seen more and more of him and I've changed my mind. Todman has a lot of versatility, not fully a power back but not really a speedster either. What he is, is a pretty sound draft pick. - Taiwan Jones: Another agile, tough, well balanced back. Again not such a big name, certainly not one people seem to be raving about, but a lot of talent. At this point I'm risking giving another fairly generic description, so I'll just say that watching Jones reminded me of Ahmad Bradshaw. Now this might seem like an odd thing to tack on to a post about running backs, but I've also seen some film of... - Kevin Riley: Quarterback. Not the best quarterback in the world. But talented. Nice footwork, pretty good arm, good touch and accuracy. This might just be me. I have these moments sometimes when I get caught up watching a player and all the pieces of the jigsaw seem to be fitting in place. I may be wrong. And we may never know. Riley is unlikely to get drafted, but maybe he will work his way up through someones practice squad. I'm rooting for him, and I'm probably going to sneak him on to my 2011 rookie watch list. And finally.... nothing has changed in the labor situation. Both sides are still bitching about how hard off they are. Adrian Peterson still seems to think that being a highly paid football player is like being a slave. And the fans are still getting shafted. Though one Cleveland fan might be about to fight back. He's filed a suit against the NFL for something like "conspiring to deprive him of football" after he purchased a Personal Seat License. I forget the details, because honestly the case has little chance of going anywhere, but it's nice to see that fans are starting to push back.

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