Saturday, June 18, 2011

A word on Mark Herzlich

Earlier, prior to the draft, I said of Mark Herzlich that I thought he was a Jekyll and Hyde type player; good against the pass, not so good against the run. I later reaffirmed this statement after the draft.

But out of interest, just filling time on a slow Friday night/Saturday morning, I went back and had another, deeper look. And now I am happy to admit that I'm a little ashamed of that analysis.

Herzlich should have been drafted. By someone. Anyone. I've seen way more run snaps now and I'm a lot more convinced. Herzlich really does have quite a complete game and in a running theme lately I'm surprised by my initial statements on him.

I'm still convinced his utility against the pass is greater than that against the run, but not by such a huge gulf as I had previously thought. I also still believe he lacks some ability in pass rushing, but I don't think that should detract from the overall quality of his game.

I think I got this one very wrong first time around and that's why I'm posting this to correct that mistake, and to formally and publicly apologise to Mark Herzlich. You should have been drafted kid.

Also of note, if you want a good tip for the 2013/2014 draft(s), depending on when he comes out, look out for Herzlich's former team mate and fellow linebacker Luke Kuechly. If he keeps this up, that kid is going to be insane.

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