Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Game on

So here we go, the season is back on. I was planning to sit out another week before coming back to this blog but I guess a few days wont make a difference. Free agency isn't due to start for another few days anyway.

And after all that crap, the deal done isn't all that different to the last one. Yeah so both sides have made concessions, but not huge ones. To be honest I think the league kind of bent over a lot farther than it really needed to but then without being in the negotiating or strategy rooms we cant tell why.

One thing I will say is this; the league owners voted 31-0 (the Raiders abstained) in favour of the deal. What that tells me, the fact that even the Bengals and Bills voted in favour of it (they were opposed to the last deal) is that there's something in there that really caught their eye and made them think they got a good deal. Considering the fact that they will be forced to spend at least 90% of the salary cap in real terms, so actually handing over hard cash to people, there has to be some kind of bullshit accounting trick up their sleeve for the future.

Maybe they'll start accounting veteran players as depreciation against tax. If ti's good enough for other leagues, it's good enough for the NFL.

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