Thursday, July 28, 2011

On the Trading Floor


I've been sitting back, watching the activity as the true start of free agency approaches. There have also been some trades going on but one in particular just caught my eye.

Kevin Kolb, QB, from the Eagles to the Cardinals in return for Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and a second round pick (year undisclosed).

Andy Reid, I fucking bow to you. Not just a little head bow either, but a full on, torso parallel to the ground type bow. You sir, are a con artist of the highest order with balls made from pure, machine tool grade steel.

How in the name of God did you manage it? How exactly, on what planet I ask, did you manage to convince the Cardinals that Kevin Kolb was worth Rodgers-Cromartie and a second round pick? That's practically stealing.

See, I know that people same the name Rodgers-Cromartie and it doesn't inspire thoughts of elite level corner play but it probably should. The fact is, Rodgers-Cromartie (henceforth DRC) is probably one of the most under rated defensive players in the entire NFL. Just go and look at his stats. DRC has talent and he has it in abundance.

Now pair that talent with Asante Samuel on the other side of the field. That is a scary corner pairing that should give quarterbacks nightmares anytime they think about throwing the ball in the short to intermediate range. And Reid picked up all of this for a backup QB.

You begin to see the sense of his taking a chance on Mike Vick. In return for the minor risk he took, he's bagged a high level quarterback who can also run like the wind. In addition, while he was training up Vick in his system he has been building up Kolb as the QB of the future, giving him some game time and letting him air the ball out, while saying all the right things about Kolb in press conferences.

Finally, it's all come together, it's all come good. Reid has traded a backup QB who is a 60% average completer with all of 2,082 yards, 11 touchdowns and 14 interceptions to his credit, in exchange for an excellent corner and a future second round pick. That's just incredible to me. Now I do think Kolb will have some success in Arizona but I definitely think the Eagles have gotten the much better end of this deal.

But that's enough blowing smoke up Andy Reids butt, because there were a few other trades that caught my eye. Bill Belichick is playing craft games again. He's given the Redskins his 2013 fifth round pick. Patriots fans shouldn't be worried, by the time that draft comes around he'll probably have acquired about eight more picks in various rounds. So what did he get for his 5th rounder?

Albert freakin' Haynesworth.

I swear tis' the season to take the piss with ones trade moves. For all the bitching about Haynesworth and all the off field stuff he is a talented defensive linemen and to be honest, a fifth round pick in a draft two years from now is an absolute cheeky steal for Belichick.

If it doesn't pan out, who the hell cares? Boo hoo, he lost a fifth round pick. In return he gets a player who a) is more than capable of spelling for Vince Wilfork and b) is dangerous enough sitting on the same line as Wilfork, to make a serious wall of flesh and power for teams to face.

Bill Belichick will sleep easier tonight knowing he's just made a big stride to improve his defense for the coming year. Of course I jest... we all know Bill Belichick doesn't sleep. Ever.

The Dolphins meanwhile are looking to boost their offense for the coming year. They've chosen to do this by picking up Reggie Bush from the Saints. The details of the trade are not yet known (at the time of writing), but I can almost guarantee you know it will be a rip off from the Dolphins perspective. I know this because they're trading for Reggie Bush. Don't trade for Reggie Bush. Yeah he looks great at times, but he's not worth it!

What is more promising for Miami fans is talk of a trade for Dolphins quarterback Kyle Orton. Now that, that is a trade that they should definitely pursue. I don't understand why people don't give Kyle Orton enough credit, that guy kicks ass! He's been one of the top quarterbacks in the last two seasons and I think people in the press are being far, far too critical of him.

Of course, someone that the press love to be critical of and to be honest not without reason, is Donovan McNabb! Formerly of the Eagles, then the Redskins and now the Vikings. The price? A 2012 sixth round pick plus a conditional 2013 sixth rounder which, if I'm honest, is not a bad deal. McNabb isn't the greatest, but he has been to a number of NFC Championship games and even a Super Bowl.

Inconsistency is really McNabbs worst enemy, as he flops back and forth between brilliantly accurate bombs down the field, to flinging what should be a 10 yard hook route into the turf at the receivers feet. If he can overcome that then he has a great opportunity to go back to the Super Bowl with Minnesota. IF. On a more valuable note for the Vikings he's an experienced, easy going, professional quarterback who can teach young Christian Ponder a hell of a lot about the game. I can't really find fault with this deal.

So, that's all your trade news for now. Once free agency really gets up and running for real I'll start going through it in a bit of detail. Some of the things that have already caught my eye is Paul Pozjkhkjdsflny however you spell his name, the linebacker from the Bills, signing with the Jaguars. I think Paul is grossly under rated and that's a great pick up for the Jaguars.

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