Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Update 01/18/12

Just to let you know I have a half finished round up post on all things that caught my eye from the divisional round. It might take a while to go up though because in an hour or so I have to go and buy some wood, then craft that into two poorly designed, semi-usable benches for the benefit of putting flower pots on. The s**t I do for other people.

But suffice to say it's in the works. Stay tuned.


So I've been basically at the grind stone for damn near 14 hours straight, so I apologise. At the very earliest it's going to be another 12 hours before I can post my thoughts on last weekends action, despite it being 4 days late!

Those who've followed my blog since at least last year will know that at one point I was posting on basically a daily basis. But lately my time is just being consumed from every possible direction (including scouting out players for the 2012 draft, which is kind of half work, half play).

It frustrates me that I don't have as much time to devote to the blog, especially as I don't get to do as much diagram work as I would like. Having only figured out just this season how to import diagrams into the blog, it's incredibly annoying that I can't do more of that. Personally I feel it's one of the ways that allows my blog to stand out from the rest.

But that's the way things are sometimes I'm afraid. And I'll be doing my best to get my post up tomorrow, after I've had a chance to rest my hands and eyes! Thanks for your patience.

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