Saturday, January 07, 2012

Wildcard Picks

With the Wildcard round looming, it's time to pick 'em.

Texans over Bengals - The Texans make the play offs for the first time in franchise history... and I think they go on to the Divisional round. The Bengals are pretty handy but the Texans do have an ace up their sleeve; the return of Andre Johnson. Whether he'll be fully healthy or not is a big question. If he is, then that will help Yates at quarterback. The Texans also have a slightly stronger running game and a more well rounded defense, especially when injuries to the Bengals are considered.

Steelers over Broncos - As much as I like Tebow and wish him well, I can't seem them beating the Steelers. Too many drops and a defense that, while good, is probably not enough to contain the Steelers offense. There are rumours that the Broncos have specific packages lined up for Brady Quinn, so good luck with that. I don't see it making much of a difference. Of course what will be hilarious is if the Broncos receivers pull another stinker, even when Quinn is in, and then all of a sudden the expert opinions have a retrospective revelation about what went wrong.

Giants over Falcons - I cannot believe I just typed that. The Giants look suspect as hell at times. They have it within themselves to win this game, but they also have it within themselves to piss this one up the wall. On balance though they probably have the stronger team and have lived through a tougher schedule than the Falcons to get here. That, coupled with a tough win last Sunday, and a dash of Victor Cruz magic, could see them through here.

Saints over Lions - Without a hesitation. If I had to pick an NFC team that I felt didn't deserve to be in the play offs then it would be the Lions. They scraped and slipped and fallen over themselves yet somehow managed to back into the play offs by God only knows what means. I see it ending here with a brutal lesson in what play off football really looks like, as administered by the Saints. For once I will actually be happy to see New Orleans win.

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