Sunday, April 22, 2012

Update: 04/22/12

So Blogger has taken it upon themselves to completely change the layout of the blogger interface once again. I should point out at this juncture that - as far as I can tell - they haven't actually made any improvements or significant updates to the interface, all they've done is just moved everything to new spots and changed some of the colors.

I can conclusively say that it is less intuitive now, as is the case with basically every software update in the world these days, and generally speaking it strikes me as a complete waste of time and money the likes of which Google has become accustomed to in the last three to four years. Literally nothing has improved, not a thing, while at the same time I now have to completely relearn how to use the interface. Pointless and bloody annoying to say the least.

Oh, and the auto save going off every two seconds and interupting me mid-type..... yeah, that's pretty fucking annoying. Thanks for nothing Google.

Ass clowns.

So anyway, I've nearly completed the Linebackers post which will go up in the next few hours but I just wanted to put out this update because I've heard from others who are having trouble with the new interface that it sometimes eats entire blog posts and I just wanted to check it out first before I post anything of actual importance.

Suffice to say that I will be sending Google some decidely curse riddled feedback.

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