Thursday, May 03, 2012

Update 05/03/12

Two things to address real quick.

First is that I'm still grinding away on my post looking at the second round of the NFL draft. Keep in mind that unlike the TV pundits I don't have all day to watch the film and write stuff up! I'm trying to get a good look at each player during the intervals in my day that are free and it takes a long while sometimes just to cover one player. It should be done and up sometime around the weekend.

That out of the way we need to move on the more important - and sad - news about Junior Seau, who has been found dead in his home. As I write this the reports are that he suffered a single gunshot wound to the chest, which allegedly was self inflicted. He was 43.

Seau played as a Linebacker for USC, wearing the much coveted #55 jersey, before being selected 5th overall in the first round of the 1990 NFL draft by the San Diego Chargers. Seau would spend 12 years with the Chargers and then three more with the Miami Dolphins before being released and announcing his retirement. This announcement proved premature as just four days late he signed a deal with the New England Patriots, whom he played three seasons for.

Finally Seau announced his intention to retire in January of 2010, and although he never officially "retired", he never played again after that. He finished his extensive and highly lauded 19 year career as a 12 time pro bowler, 10 time Associated Press All-Pro, and a 2 time AFC Champion. He amassed 1,849 tackles, 56.5 sacks and 18 interceptions. The only significant honor that eluded him was a Super Bowl ring, but few doubt that Seau was a Super Bowl caliber linebacker.

Outside of football Seau created the Junior Seau foundation in 1992, the purpose of the organisation being to help educate and empower young people through various programs and initiatives. In March of this year Seau's foundation celebrated its 20th anniversary.

Seau himself had three kids; a daughter and two sons.

In more recent years his life has been somewhat troubled, but I've decided not to dwell on that. This is a football blog and I want to focus on Seau's football achievements, and the great things he did outside of football. I'm sure the general press will more than cover every last inch of Seau's life over the coming days.

Rest In Peace Junior. My thoughts are obviously with his family and all those who knew him well throughout his life. If you believe in God, then say a prayer for them.

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