Thursday, September 23, 2010


-- Can the New York Giants generate pressure from their front four? Against Indianapolis they set their D-line out specifically to rush the passer and they did a pretty poor job of it. If their defense continues to leak as many points as it does, the Giants will continue to struggle. -- Can Jimmy Clausen fix the Panthers? At a guess, I would say no. I think you have to give Matt Moore more (no pun intended) time to settle in as the starting QB. I see no value in yanking him from the field now unless Clausen is a quarterbacking beast in disguise, which is unlikely. -- How long can the Steelers D hold on for this team? Regardless of their QB situation, the Steelers offense really looks bad right now. Can they truly rely on defense to carry the day for the rest of the season? What happens if there are a couple of breakdowns during a game and they find themselves trailing by 14? -- Can the Buffalo offense truly get any worse? No. -- Can the Baltimore offense improve? They'd better hope so. The Ravens - for all their weapons - really do stink it up right now on offense. Like the Steelers they can't expect to ride their defense forever. -- Is Kansas City really that good? They beat the Chargers in week one and the Browns in week two. But how will they fare in the meat of their season against tougher opposition? Have the Chiefs truly turned a corner with their new coordinators? -- Can the Dallas O match their D? See the Baltimore and Pittsburgh questions for a similar story. The Cowboys piled on the hurt against Chicago, but they just couldn't capitalise. Their O-line looks terrible. -- Could Minnesota finish bottom of the NFC North? The Bears have looked... ok. The Lions offense looks good. The Packers are looking like we all thought they would. But the Vikings just look abject right now. Favre looks frail at times, his receivers are struggling to get open and Adrian Peterson is still too anxious to the hole. -- When will the Saints offense get going? They look a shadow of their former selves right now. Inconsistent is the word I'm looking for. And now with the loss of Reggie Bush things just got a fraction more difficult. What has happened to easily the most prolific offense in the last two seasons? -- Have Washington really come back from the dead? After a terrible season last year, have the Redskins truly found a new offensive leader in McNabb or is this just a lucky/surprising start before they sink back into familiar failure? -- Who is David Garrard? In week one he was Pro Bowl. In week two he was Bikini Bowl. So which was the aberration and which was an indication of what's to come from Garrard this season? Upon the answer to this question rides many of Jacksonvilles hopes. -- Is it truly possible that the Colts offense has improved since last year? How do you do that? How do you take something that good and make it better? -- Was benching Jason Campbell truly worthwhile? Having traded for Campbell and essentially said "this guy will save our franchise" what message does it send to the Raiders team now that Campbell has not just been pulled from a game but benched for the next one. I'm a Gradkowski fan but surely this isn't a good for the franchise the way it's being handled. -- Why can't I think of anything to write about either the Seahawks or the Chargers? Are they really that boring right now? -- How good is Mark Sanchez? Against an excellent Ravens defense he collapsed like a riverboat made of paper. Against a mediocre Patriots defense he looked pretty good. See the David Garrard comment for a similar take. -- How long can Jay Cutler avoid self-destructing? It's going to happen at some point. You just know it is. Tomorrow, 1:00 pm kickoff picks!! Till then, Have a great day everyone.

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