Saturday, September 25, 2010

Week 3 NFL picks (part 1)

So, after two weeks I'm currently 14-18 pick wise. There's a good chance this week to shift those numbers into the positive and we'll start by looking at the 1:00 pm kick offs: Titans @ Giants -- Even with the benching of Vince Young in the last game, I'm still sticking with the Titans to be a force in the AFC. At the same time I'm looking at the Giants and wondering if my pick for them as the division winners in the NFC East was perhaps ill advised. They came out against the Colts ready to stuff the pass and they still failed to do that! Given as well the quality of the Titans D and I have to go with a Titans win here. Bengals @ Panthers -- I'm high on the Bengals this season. I think they have a lot of good pieces in a lot of good places. I'm low on the Panthers. I just think the Panthers have that look of being a team that is trying to rediscover who they are and who they want to be. I think in this game they'll find themselves as losers. Bengals win. Steelers @ Buccaneers -- I'm struggling with this one. The Steelers D has been all kinds of impressive so far this year. Sadly they're now down to possibly their 53rd string QB on offense. Which begs the question; can the Bucs' offense generate just enough to overcome the Steelers O. Neither team is going to score highly but who can just get that little extra? The Buccaneers will be expecting their rookie QB to face the full fury of Dick LeBeau's zone blitz. The Steelers will probably lean on the run to hide the fact that Charlie Batch has had little work with the starters on offense. It's a tough ask, but I'm going with the Steelers. I can just see them getting a pick 6 or some other defensive play that seals the game. Bills @ Patriots -- I've learned, I've learned. I really have. Don't trust the Bills to do anything except go 0-16. Patriots win. Browns @ Ravens -- Much has been made of the Browns defense this year. I believe they rank number 10 or so overall. It's at this point that I should point out that they've played the Buc's and the Chiefs. So I'll be taking the Ravens then. 49ers @ Chiefs -- Do I have to choose a winner? I do. Ah well, let's find that lucky coin again.... ok, so no coin. Well, the 49ers kept the Saints down to less than 25 points which is a mighty achievement in itself and they looked much better on offense. The Chiefs are the Chiefs. They've been bright early on in the season, but I'm not sure they've really found the formula for sustained success. I'm taking the 49ers. Cowboys @ Texans -- I have spent all week fretting over this pick. The way I view it is this; the Cowboys D is strong but so is the Texans O. The Texans D is weak, but the Cowboys O struggles to score points and finish drives. So which gives first? Will the Cowboys pass rush and coverage hold the Texans to a manageable score? And even then can the Cowboys O catch up? Or will they take advantage of the Texans porous D and find the endzone multiple times, storming off into the lead as their defense constricts the Texans? I really can't decide. Both outcomes seem just as likely at this stage. In the end though I guess I have to fall on one side of the tracks or the other, and this time I'm going to take the Texans. Just. Lions @ Vikings -- Given the fact I really like Brett Favre as a player and I really like seeing old players prove that the gap between them and the youngsters isn't as big as some TV stations would make out, I'm surprisingly happy to see Favre and the Vikings do so badly. Maybe it's because I got sick of the whole "retirement" thing or maybe just because I think Brad Childress is an a**. Either way I'm smiling. And I think Jim Schwartz and his Lions might be smiling after Sunday as well. The Vikings just look bad right now. Really bad. Not that the Lions D is light years ahead, but their offense certainly is, and the combo of Kyle Vanden Bosch and Ndamukong Suh will give Favre and Peterson trouble all day. I'm going Lions. Falcons @ Saints -- The Vikings and the 49ers both have relatively good defenses, or at least they did last year. That still doesn't stop me worrying about the amount of points the Saints are not scoring. In a similar vein both the Vikings and the 49ers have struggled offensively. This combination has led to the Saints keeping things tight. I think against the Falcons the dream of a repeat (you can't imagine the number of times I've heard people saying "two-peat". You mean just a plain repeat right?) will start to crumble. I doubt the Falcons will be as prolific as they were last week, but they can pull this out of the bag. Falcons win. And there you have it. Tomorrow I'll be back to round up the remainder of the weekends games and then hopefully on Sunday my picks will surge to success. Hopefully..... Have a great day everyone.

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