Wednesday, April 27, 2011

2011 NFL Draft Extra: Centers

Well, I've managed to trawl through and take a look at some Centers, but it looks like the guards might have to be thrown into a bumper post tomorrow with the extra defensive linemen. Anyway, on with the show:

- Mike Pouncey. Touted as a first round pick. He’s good, but not that good. Gets some nice push, has good leg drive, but technique is not well rounded enough. Anyone shopping for this Pouncey hoping he’ll be a repeat of his brother in Pittsburgh is in for a rude awakening I feel. That said, he‘s not bad. Just not as good as currently advertised.

- Kristofer O’Dowd. Pass blocking is ok, run blocking is bad. Seems to really lack any appreciable strength, wouldn‘t want him as the anchor of my O-line.

- Jake Kirkpatrick. Big, strong, mean - all valuable tools for a center, really pushes hard and works hard. Good pass and run blocking.

- Tim Barnes. About average. Some good plays, some bad. Not very strong for his size it would appear.

- Jason Kelce. Below average. Really seems to lack balance which is a key attribute for offensive linemen. Not a strong punch (related to the balance issue). Sometimes looks very confused.

- Alex Linnenkohl. Pretty good. Stout up the middle. Sometimes was shrugged off by good swim moves, but generally pass protection was good and run blocking was aggressive.

- Ryan Pugh. Either he’s bad or he was a paid shill for the other team in the game I watched. Beaten so easily at times. Not my cup of tea at Center to use a turn of phrase. Also got more of a chance to watch Cam Newton at the same time. Even more convinced now he will be an "epic failure" in the NFL.

- Colin Baxter. Tries hard, but just sucks. Lacks balance and punch, gets knocked back too easily. Shame, puts in a lot of effort.

- Ryan Bartholomew. Pretty strong, certainly had plenty of practice run blocking! Generally good pass protection, leverage is good. Has a great burst off the line to get to the second level when needed. Has promise with a bit of coaching.

- Chase Beeler. Strong. Technique is outstanding in all phases, run and pass. Great awareness of what’s happening around him. Blocking technique demonstrates the nuance of understanding where he fits in to each play. Head and shoulders the best technical blocker in this entire draft. Fantastic player.

- Ryan McMahon. Bad technique, one of the dreaded “waist benders”. Gets pushed around far too easily.

- Beau Warren. Technique was shoddy, beaten far too often. If he makes it into the pros, he’ll be a magnet for holding flags.

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