Saturday, April 23, 2011

2011 NFL Draft Extra: Tight Ends

If this was a wrestling show, the crowd would be chanting; "Holy sh*t, Holy sh*t," because I have indeed, for the first time in a while, posted on time! Here's a round up of some of the additional tight ends I've had a look at from this years draft;

- Luke Stocker. Not exactly the fastest tight end in the world, but pretty strong and has good balance. Gets yards after contact and has pretty good hands. Not bad.

- Virgil Green. Good hands. Run blocking good. Route running is ok. Stays low on and after contact to get more yards.

- Jordan Cameron. Hands are pretty good. Route running is ok.

- Rob Housler. Hands not bad. Route running ok. Run blocking mostly good.

- Charles Clay. I'm pretty sure there must be at least 50 tight ends in the country better than Clay who won't get drafted. His run blocking was average at best, route running was suspect, was once the target of a screen play but didn't seem to realise he was the receiver.

- Julius Thomas. Run blocking is suspect. Route running lacks polish, but good hands.

- Andre Smith. Hands are ok. Not much else to say. Average.

- Collin Franklin. Better pass catcher than run blocker, pretty quick, good hands, ok routes.

- Jeffery Anderson. Speed is not exactly Anderson's strong point and he spent most of his time split out in a spread offense so didn't get to see any blocking (I imagine it's dubious) but hands are very good and his route running isn't bad either, especially over the middle.

- Colin Cochart. Aggresive run blocker, just relentless, with plenty of pancake blocks. Excellent route runner, clever (sitting down against zones etc), especially so with his movement when his QB is in trouble. Great hands. All around an excellent tight end.

- Daniel Hardy. Good hands. Great route running. Has some speed. Plays superbly over the middle. Should be a great prospect at the next level.

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