Thursday, April 28, 2011

2011 NFL Draft Extra: Guards and D-line

Well, I've just scraped it in time. My eyes hurt. In the last month I've probably watched more snaps of football than the rest of my entire life before that. With the whole NFL Labor dispute still ongoing I'm at a point in time where I'm sick of football. Thankfully the draft starts tomorrow which I enjoy so I'll get back on the horse soon enough.

Until the players try and get the draft banned as a restriction of free trade, the fun killing assholes.


- Danny Watkins. I know, left tackle. But I just managed to get a look at the kid. Of course I say kid, he’s 26. That might be an issue for teams because they might only get one or two contracts worth out of him. But as a blocker, especially in the passing game, he has undeniable talent. Strong and very technically sound, he’d make a fairly safe first rounder.

- Marcus Cannon. This is getting to be a running theme with the tackles, but hey. Cannon is a big man, strong. Saw plenty of one handed knockdowns. But a little clumsy at times. Struggles with balance. At the next level? I think speed rushers will beat him a little too easily.

- Clint Boling. Mixed bag. Not all that strong. Has his high points but gets stood up too often.

- Lee Ziemba. Continuing the theme of trawling up tackles. Not bad. Not great. Run of the mill blocker. Won an SEC award for his blocking, which makes me wonder about the overall standard.

- Stephen Schilling. Good. Run blocking perhaps a little better than pass blocking. Sometimes lets it slip, but mostly a solid standard.

- David Arkin. If you value your QB, don’t take Arkin. Half the time he doesn’t even know who he’s supposed to be blocking.

- Julian Vandervelde. Very solid inside. Technique is very good. Uses his hands really well and routinely handles defensive tackles one on one with relative ease.

- Thomas Claiborne. Run blocking very good, very strong and aggressive. Pass blocking sucks. Mainly a balance issue, or a lack there of. Over extension should be his middle name.

- Bryant Browning. Hilariously bad to watch. It’s like car crash TV. He looks like someone competing on a game show who has no idea what the hell the game is about.

- Michael Huey. Pretty good. Good vision, knows when to switch blocks. Technique is good, using the shoulder and head well to get between defender and gap. All over pretty solid. Destined to go middle to late, and at that price I’d be more than happy to take him.
- Greg Romeus. Defensive End. Had a back surgery which could hurt his stock, but if he can relive his 2009 season in the NFL then someone is in for a treat. Not exactly bursting with pace, but strong, uses his hands well, keeps going relentlessly towards the QB. Sometimes tricked out a little easily, so needs to work on holding the edge against the run, but otherwise a potential mid-round bargain.

- Pierre Allen. Speed is ok. Use of the hands was good. Has a spin move up his sleeve! Run support not bad as he tends to keep his eyes in the backfield and see what’s going on. Can shed blockers when he needs to. Came away with the impression he was holding a little back though.

- Ricky Elmore. Fantastic speed off the edge. Runs quite deep, but has the agility to turn at the top and come back down on the quarterback. Has shown a variety of pass rush moves on film. Strong, hard working Defensive end. Have barely heard his name mentioned which is very surprising now I’ve seen the tape for myself.

- Karl Klug. Wasn’t hard to spot; he was the one constantly getting stood up and blocked.

Ugh. All done! At last! Remind me why I do this again?

That's right, because I'm such a nice guy. And the hope that one day someone will bother to click one of my adverts and make me a whole 50p.

And yeah, because I basically love football and wake up each morning trying to run certain plays through my head. Which can be frustrating in it's own right.

Anyway, I do have some more players to look at but they're likely undrafted prospects and I frankly can't be arsed right now. I'll be back tomorrow to recap the first day of the draft and give you my thoughts on it. Till then...

... stick the kettle on someone. I'm dying for a cuppa.

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