Thursday, May 05, 2011

Just to keep you posted; 05/05/11

I'm currently taking a look at the Falcons draft class for 2011. The only trouble is.... half their picks I never got round to taking a look at, so that's consuming an inordinate amount of time right now for what should be an otherwise easy process.

Also, I just want to pick up the issue of the Seahawks draft class. A lot of people are banging on the 'hawks and saying that they had a terrible draft, but - and remember I'm a 49ers fan not inclined to dish out praise to the 'hawks easily - I actually think their draft wasn't that bad. I still have to get a look at James Carpenter, but overall there is no way the Seahawks draft was as bad as people are making out.

This is what bugs me about the draft. Everyone has already pre-ordained their draft as being terrible. Now that's ok, but you have to preface that by saying "In my opinion....".

For example, I've already said that for my money the Titans had a bad draft. But did they? We'll only truly find out in time, but for now I'm happy to say that I believe it was bad, but I could most definitely be wrong.

I just don't like the approach that some people have to this highly subjective process, viewing their opinion as gospel. Also, people are tearing apart picks like the Moffitt pick. I say; go back and watch the film. He's actually a pretty good guard.

I dunno. Maybe I'm just tired or something, but I can't see how the Seahawks draft was as terrible as is being made out.

It's like the issue with Von Miller. People are creaming their pants over this guy. Now I respect that he has a lot of athletic ability and seems to work hard on the field. But pop the tape in and watch the line he takes to the QB on the pass rush. It's horrible, truly horrible. How has that not slipped into peoples evaluations?

Whatever. I'll get round to the Seahawks in due course over the coming weeks. But back to Atlanta for now. Coming soon.......

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