Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Keeping you posted 05/10/11

Yes, yes, I'm working on the bloody Panthers draft article! My inbox has been overflowing with literally a whole two e-mails wondering whether I'm going to be posting it.

Trouble is, I'm very busy right now so it might be a day or two yet. What's the rush anyway? We all know the Panthers had a shit draft. And am I getting paid for this? No! Free of charge, for your pleasure only.

And another bloody thing while I'm at it; how come I occasionally get the odd e-mail - usually from some tosspot Raiders fan bitching because I'm always taking the piss out of Al Davis and his draft strategy (you have seen Al Davis draft haven't you?) or someone who's just finished reading the backlog of articles on their precious Panthers and wants to know why I hate them so much (I even put the bloody reason in my "about me" section, so I wouldn't have to answer said e-mails) - and yet, not a single person leaves a comment on any of the posts, thus promoting discussion.

Well not these days anyway.

If you decide that you too would like to join the club and send me mildly abusive, highly optimistic, and not at all biased by your support e-mails about why your team is going to definitely go 16-0 this year, despite the fact that you went 2-14 the year before, then you can reach me at keepingthechainsmoving@live.co.uk

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