Wednesday, February 17, 2010

2nd class citizen

With the draft not far off (ish) I think now is a good time to talk Tebow. Oh yeah, Tim Tebow, the QB of the Florida Gators who is heading into the draft in quite a unique situation. I say this because he is simultaneously being touted as the greatest college football player of all time..... but apparently only worthy of a second round pick in most peoples books. All for two reasons: His throwing motion and his mobility. It is believed that in order to get the best out of Tebow he will need an offense that is built around him, specifically to take advantage of his skill set. At the same time it's also thought that his throwing action takes too long and will be vulnerable to strips. I don't get it. His motion is a little cumbersome and yeah, he might suffer a few more strips than the average QB, but the fact remains he's a great passer. And for that reason alone, I see no need to build an offense specifically around him. Let's not forget that Tebows lowest season completion percentage came in 2008 when he completed a paltry 64.4% of his passes (can you smell the sarcasm?) His career completion percentage through College was 67.1%. He threw for 9286 Yards. He threw 88 touchdowns.... that's right 88, compared to 15 interceptions. Oh and let's not forget he rushed for a career tally of 2947 yards and also clocked 57 touchdowns with his feet. That's just crazily good. And he's being called a second rounder why? I just don't get it, I don't get the NFL mentality to drafting sometimes. How is Tebow not a lock to go in the first 5? If you're the St.Louis Rams, how are you not drooling at the prospect of nabbing Tebow with the number 1 overall pick. And let's face it, that organisation needs some help in all areas, but especially on offense. They need someone to be a foil to Steven Jackson and I think Tebow is it. It just drives me nuts. It's like Darius Heyward-Bey. How in the hell did that guy get picked at Number 7 in the first round? Because he ran a quick 40 yard dash? Who the hell cares! The fact is both Jeremy Maclin and Michael Crabtree are better receivers and should have gone first. It just strikes me as typical NFL madness. In the world of the NFL, Heyward-Bey is better than Crabtree, and Tebow is a second rounder. Long live the NFL. And while I'm in rant mode, I have a message for NFL Network analyst Jamie Dukes. Jamie, you often have a good point to make and you very often see things that no other analyst on your network does. Your chemistry with Tom Waddle when you make your picks is fun to watch. But please Jamie, for the love of god, stop interrupting people!!! Maybe it's just me. Maybe it's just because I hate being interrupted mid-speech, but it drives me nuts when he cuts someone off (poor Steve Wyche being the most recent victim) when they're trying to make a point. He just hears something he doesn't like and can't quite hold in that desire to suddenly burst into action and talk over them. Rant Over. At some point in the next week or so, I'll be looking at what I think is a very sound drafting strategy, stolen from underneath the nose of senior analyst Pat Kirwan. Till then, take care and have a nice day.

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