Sunday, February 28, 2010

Disappearing numbers

-- Random irritation for the day? Lack of combine results posted on You get some stats, while others appear to have just disappeared into the digital ether. What happened? -- Second random irritation? Out of 19 QBs, just three took part in the Bench press. It's a joke. If you're injured, fair enough. But guys like Tebow? And what about the others? Where's the competitive spirit shown by the O-linemen. Even a special teams guy had a crack. He only posted 10, but at least he did it. Personally I'd be heavily down grading all those Prima Donna passers. Far from saving their draft stock at its present value, I think the whole group who didn't participate just shot themselves in the foot. A$$holes. -- Moving on to the state of negotiations between the league and the NFLPA over getting a new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) in place, I decided to do a bit of history studies. And it doesn't look good for the players. The last two strikes were miserable failures and this one may just top the cake. For those that are interested, the league are threatening a lockout which is markedly different from a strike. If the players strike, then new guys can be brought in to replace them and those players desperate for cash can always cross the picket line. If the league brings on a lockout, that's a whole new ball game. That means no-one gets to comeback. Even if they want to, they cant. Is the union going to compensate those lower paid players? The whole thing just sucks. The players strategy appears to be to get the media and public on side. But I can't see many steelworkers, cops, gas station attendants, etc jumping on the players bandwagon and sympathising with them because those evil owners wont let them have an extra few million dollars for their pay checks. Honestly, I hope the league dumps all the players and just reboots it's rosters. That would be funny as hell.

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