Friday, February 26, 2010

Heads you win...

Just a quick update as the tie-breaking coin tosses have now been done for the first round of the draft. The venue chosen was the Westin Hotel in Indianapolis and what I really love about this is that they made special coins for the occassion with the teams respective logos on opposite sides, replacing heads and tails. The idea is that the coins are just thrown and neither side has to call in the air or any of that nonsense. Maybe it's just me but things like that add a touch of class, show that the NFL is, excuse the half pun, head and shoulders above the rest. I can just imagine the collectables market that would develop over time for picking up these coins if the NFL either sold or auctioned them off for charity. But anyway, allow me to put my business mind to side and focus on.... well, the business at hand. There were three coin flips, required because teams with similar records lacked any of the normal tie breakers, such as strength of schedule or divisional/conference record (those already being equal) and as a result of these coin flips, the following positions have been finalised. -- The Jacksonville Jaguars will take the 1oth pick in the draft, while the Broncos will pick 11th. Denver acquired this pick as part of the Jay Cutler trade deal. -- The Tennessee Titans take the 16th pick in the draft, with the San Francisco 49'ers picking 17th (just our luck, can't even win a coin toss). The 49'ers acquired this pick from Carolina. -- The Atlanta Falcons will take the 19th pick in the draft, with the Houston Texans picking at number 20. And one final thing for now, a bit of trivia for you. In a bizarre twist of fate (otherwise known as the 49ers average season), the 49ers pick in the second round just happens to be..... you guessed it....... the 49th pick in the draft.

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