Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fuck the NFL Network

So I'm watching the combine by playing back the otherwise live stream on (hence why I can pause it and come here to rant). And it's getting my blood up. The biggest issue I have with the TV networks is their belief that fans are more interested in their presenters and the fancy graphics than the actual on field product. The NFL Network are criminally guilty of this. We just missed the first 8 guys from OL group 1 (that includes Gabe Carimi) performing the 2-point stance, kick slide drill. Why? What was so special that the NFL Network had to show us that we missed part of the drill? Michael fucking Lombardi. Oh look everyone, Michael Lombardi is in the broadcast booth. Quick, let's turn the cameras off the action and onto them so we can get a good shot of his face. Could they not have just patched the audio over the top and said "Michael Lombardi has now joined us?" Why did they feel the need to break away from the drills, e.g. the bit that we all sat down to watch, just to show us your three talking heads sitting around chatting about how many people they know from the various teams. Congratulations, you have a lot of contacts, that's wonderful. Now get the fuck off the screen so I can watch the actual Combine!!!!! Edit: And another thing. They picked probably the worst possible angle to film the drill from. Then when the last guy was about to step up, they suddenly change to the correct angle that would have given us a much better view of the action. Whoever the director is, he needs a new job. As a janitor maybe. Edit: And another thing. They brought up a little graphic telling you who the players were and their numbers. Except that it was the Group one o-line on the field, and the numbers/names were for the D-line, who aren't even in action today. What the hell are these clowns doing? Edit: And another thing. James Carpenter just pulled up after a drill with some kind of injury. Now as much as I feel for the guy, please tell me NFL Network why you felt it was necessary to miss three or four guys doing the drill just so you could show Carpenter leaning over in pain? I mean what the fuck were they thinking? What idiot is directing this shit? Edit: And another thing. I'm watching the Group two O-linemen now. Stirling Sharpe needs more work as a host. The guy asks the right questions all the time. Edit: And another thing. I'm sick and damn tired of them cutting away from the drills just to show us highlight reels of their favourite prospects working out. a) Having watched the combine ourselves, we would have already seen the player workout and b) it'd be kinda nice if you'd let us watch all the others, so we can make our own minds up. Edit: And another thing. I just missed four or five guys doing a drill because the network decided it was more important to show some fucking graphic of a question that some arse wipe called "Mark. H" had asked on facebook. Seriously? How fucking hard would it have been for the presenters to just read the question out without having to interrupt the view of the drills? This is absolute fucking amateur hour. Edit: And another thing. Why does the NFL Network feel the need to interrupt one drill just to show us a preview and demonstration of the next drill? Couldn't you just wait for that drill to come up and then run the film while the coaches are explaining the drill to the players? Wouldn't that make more sense? Of course it would. That's why they don't do it. Because anyone with half a fucking brain has been removed from the production crew. Edit: And another thing. Was it really necessary to interrupt the TE drills to show us footage of Rob Gronkowski from last year, just so they could then compare Gronkowski to their favourite TE from this years draft? Who gives a fuck about Gronkowski? We already know he's good, now get the fuck off the screen and let us watch the TE prospects from this year!

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