Saturday, February 26, 2011

NFL Combine, day 1 round up

This years combine has sucked. That's not a knock on the players. It's absolutely a knock on the coverage. I could honestly rant for about 4 or 5 hours on this subject, but I wont. Suffice to say the coverage by NFL Network has been absolutely shit-tastic (see post below for highlights). It's practically unwatchable. In fact, it was unwatchable. I turned it off as the tight ends came close to the end of the drills. There was no point continuing. For example, having cut off footage of one drill just so they could show their video of Mike Mayock explaining the "Gauntlet" drill, they then proceeded to waffle on in the studio and run so many adverts that they actually missed half of the Gauntlet drill itself. So what was the fucking point? Why take 5 minutes to show us an explanation of an upcoming drill, then when it comes on, only show us half the fucking drill! What's the fucking point? The answer is that there was none, which explains why I turned it off. I was really looking forward to the combine because it gives you a great chance to pick out some potential prospects who have slipped under the radar, but I just can't do it. I just get so mad watching the shitty coverage that I can't sit through the few good bits that come along. It's like forcing yourself to go to a 3 hour Justin Bieber concert, just because half way through your favourite band is going to come on and play one tune. The reward isn't worth the effort. I honestly hope someone from the NFL Network reads this, because they need to sort this shit out. It was literally painful to watch. It was painful to know that the fucking arse clowns who make up the production team actually paid good money to go to University and get degrees, just so they could go on to make this utter bile. Their tutors must be watching this now and wondering what the hell happened, where the hell did it all go wrong? It was simply chronic. The single worst piece of coverage of a sporting event I have ever seen. Maybe I'm biased because we're spoiled here in the UK. The BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) has a well earned reputation for excellent sporting coverage. There is, frankly, not a company that can touch them in this regard. They never miss the action and they focus completely on the event itself. The NFL Network would do well to learn a few lessons from them. I know I sound like a broken record now, but I'm just struggling to find the words to describe how uniquely fucking appalling that coverage truly was. Anyway, I did make some notes: - Rodney Hudson is a beast. I already had him ear marked for my 2011 watchlist, now I think it's practically a guarantee. - Justin Boren and Brandon Fusco also did well. - Gabe Carimi looked awful, but the game footage tells a different story. - Nate Solder was pretty impressive. - Zachary Williams is a name I will be paying a lot more keen attention to. He looked very intense. - Zane Taylor did pretty well for himself. That's pretty much it for day one. I'm not interested in bench press numbers or many of the measurable's, because they inevitably end up being of little value, except at the various extremes or when someone puts up exceptional numbers. From now on, I'll just catch the highlights because I'm not subjecting myself to that crap from the NFL Network again. It's not good for my blood pressure.

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