Sunday, February 27, 2011

NFL Combine, Day 2

I'll start with a rant and a moan. Then I'll talk players. Ok, so you clearly knew that being the sucker I am that I would sit down and watch the QB/WR/RB workouts. For that I received my vindication. Mike Mayock. God bless that man for the rest of his life. Part of the way through the on field drills (Group 4), Group 5 were busy doing there measurables (Broad Jump etc), when the action cut away to show Cam Newton stepping up to do his jump. Before he did, he just needed to tie his laces, which was when Mike got in this line which sums the whole thing up; (Sarcastically) "Let's not miss Cam tying his shoes now fellas!" Rich Eisen jumped immediately to the defense of the production team, trying to make it out as if Mayock was being highly unreasonable and in the end Mayock gave a rather unconvincing "I'm just teasing". But my question is this; couldn't somebody have just pressed record when Newton jumped and then just played that tape back later during a break in the field drills? This is precisely what I was talking about yesterday. Since when did the NFL Network become a vehicle just for promoting just the top stars? Did Newton's Dad slip the director a few dollars? What the fuck? Listening to Eisen crying because Mayock said what a lot of people are thinking was sickening. Maybe guys like Eisen may not give a shit about the little players and are only interested in the big name stars, but I for one would like to have the chance to see everyone work out. And another thing: The quality of the feed sucks balls. The live feed is at 6 hours and 40 minutes now, whereas I'm starting back at the 2 hour 9 minute mark, so my question is thus; why isn't the fucking stream loading?!! When you watch a video on YouTube, the rest of the video loads while you watch to avoid the damn thing from constantly halting. But not here. Oh no. Not the fucking NFL. I just don't get it. I mean they're an $8 billion per year revenue generating machine for Christs sake, and you're telling me they can't even keep up to date with current technology? What the hell bunch of ass clowns are running this show? What modern broadcast company can't even be fucked to invest in the state of the art video tech? Answer; The NFL Network. What a fucking joke. And another thing: I was watching the QB's work out and they switched to a camera angle where we couldn't see the damn receivers or the ball placement. Then about a minute later as they switched to the start of a new drill (throwing the out routes) Mayock, God love him, wondered aloud if we would get the angle where we could see both quarterback and receiver. The man is brilliant. And another thing: Just as the drill was getting good, just as Mike Mayock and Sterling Sharpe were getting into their flow, and just as the crew had finished dicking about with their cameras to get the right angle (didn't think of planning that out before the combine started? No, didn't think so) .... they cut from the feed to show us Charley fucking Casserly, probably the last person on Earth I wanted to see at that moment, who had just joined Bucky Brooks and Paul Burmeister. My question goes thus; why? Who the fuck cares which dick-wad presenter you've just brought into your broadcast booth? I just want to watch the drills. I just want to watch the fucking action. You know, that stuff that the combine is all about? Fuck. It's like pulling out your own teeth trying to watch this crap. I hope the advertisers are watching. At least maybe they have the power to influence someone and stop them dicking about. And another thing: Is it really fucking necessary (to keep swearing so much?) to keep cutting away from the rest of the group 5 quarterbacks just so we can watch yet another replay of Cam Newton throwing? Jesus Christ. NFL Network must be raising money on the side by acting as an agent for Newton. And another thing: The players got into a rhythm and started to rack up the successive completions. At that point the NFL Networks love child, Cam Newton, started yelling out "pressure" (or something) every time a receiver started his route. This brings up two issues for me a) that Newton has zero awareness of fact that everyone else is competing for a job and don't have the press on their side to help them get a a top ten pick, and b) why did none of the coaches on the field say anything, like for example "shut the fuck up"? And another thing: I just missed out on a ton of running back drills. Guess why? That's right. Cameron fucking Newton, interview of. I hate that guy already. And another thing: We just missed a whole bunch of running backs going through a drill. Why? So Paul Buremeister and Bucky Brooks could look at Brook's and Mike Mayock's top 5 list of defensive tackles, ahead of tomorrow. I mean what the fuck? This is getting ridiculous. The sheer level of utter incompetence and lack of forward planning among the production crew is reaching epic proportions, and this is only day 2. Honestly, this is a pathetic shambles. I just can't wrap my head around it. It's like when someone asks you "when did time begin?" or something like that. It's just beyond human comprehension. Our brains and our understanding of the universe are not sufficiently developed yet to be able to figure out how someone could fuck up something so simple, so badly. And another thing: The running backs are running a passing drill. Except instead of focusing on the backs, we get a close up of the QB throwing them the ball, even though the guy is just standing there casually chucking the balls out. What the hell? Am I missing something? I was under the impression that showing the combine live was about giving us the chance to watch all the prospects? Is the combine purely designed to show off the NFL's favourites? Is it designed to aim at the lowest common denominator, the fan boys? This is chronic. And another thing: I don't believe it. After the interruption above we watched about three guys go through the drills before they then went to a graphic because "Ian.M" had asked a question on facebook. Maybe Ian. M should pay more fucking attention during the season, then he wouldn't have to ask whether scouts view heavy carry loads in college to be a problem. Like I said yesterday, could they not have just read out the question, without having to have a full screen graphic display? You couldn't intentionally make the coverage this bad. In fact, I give up for the day. It's a hopeless fucking task. Let's just look at the names and who stood out: From the Group 4 quarterbacks and receivers: -- Andrew Dalton really impressed me. Now I know what you're thinking; who the hell is Andrew Dalton? But of the QB's in his group he was easily the smoothest and looked the most comfortable doing the drills. His footwork was picture perfect. -- Ryan Mallett was pretty good once more. I still don't understand how Jake Locker and Cam Newton are rated over this guy, purely because they can run. They may be able to run, but Mallett can throw, and throw well. -- Randall Cobb is one of those names you won't hear much about, but the kid is good. I've had my eye on Cobb for a while now and I thought he did really well at the combine. Not famous enough to get people fawning over him though. After all, he played at lowly Kentucky. -- A.J. Green was getting all the hype, and to be fair it was well earned. He looked very good all throughout the drills. A pretty safe pick in the making (he says....) -- Jamel Hamler anyone? Fresno State? No? Well remember that name. I have a feeling he's going to be a later round steal and he was my highest rated WR of the day. -- Leonard Hankerson also caught the eye. I'll admit freely that these evaluations are highly subjective, but he seemed very controlled throughout. Maybe another to watch. From Group 5 QB's and WR's: -- Let's get this out of the way right now. Cam Newton sucked. That has nothing to do with the NFL Network pandering to him all day long, and everything to do with him looking like a running back that used to play quarterback in high school. His timing was chronic (he blamed the receivers, naturally) and just when the NFL Network guys were bigging up his long ball throwing skills, he dropped a turd (actually three turds in a row). No way first round quality. -- Christian Ponder did well. Unfortunately he came right after Newton in the drills, so we missed quite a bit of his performance due to Netwon replays. But combined with what I've seen on film, Ponder is looking like a sneaky steal. -- Ricky Stanzi didn't hurt his stock with his showing. Some good, some bad, but the bad wasn't that bad and the good was pretty good, if you see what I mean. -- Tyrod Taylor, see above. -- Taylor Yates, see above. -- Jeff Van Camp from Florida Atlantic. I have to confess, I know a bit about college football, more than most this side of the pond, but even I was like "Florida Atlantic? Who?". But maybe I'll have to start paying more attention to them, because I had Van Camp as my number one QB on the day. Hardly put a foot wrong, threw accurately and with good timing. Excellent display. -- Jeff Maehl was pretty good among the receivers. Nice hands. -- Terrence Toliver also had a pretty good day out on the field. Group 6, Running Backs: -- Matt Asiata showed flashes of potential. He cut well and his face looked like it was about to explode with all the effort he was putting in. -- Delone Carter is another small time name who brought big time game to the combine. Very impressive I felt. -- Mark Ingram stole the show, as you might expect. He did every drill 100% and looked solid. Might have issues over some wasted movement at times, but generally top of the class. -- DeMarco Murray looked good, nice feet, agile. -- Jacquizz Rodgers. God only knows where his parents found that name, but the kid can run and has plenty of talent. -- Anthony Sherman. I love me a proper fullback, and that's what we have in Anthony Sherman. surprisingly quick on the field and cut well. -- Johnny White. Another name that never comes up, but again, to my eyes he was very impressive. Maybe I'm just mental or something. Anyway, that's your lot for Day 2. The chances of whether I'll catch Day 3 and report back are directly dependant on my ability to find some Morphine and a drip, which I can then administer on a timed basis to counteract the painful editing, directing etc of the NFL Network.

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