Thursday, November 17, 2011

Jets @ Broncos

So yes, this week I've remembered about Thursday Night Football and I'll get my pick in. Tomorrow I want to take a look at some of the Cardinals offense from last Sunday, but tomorrow is also an important day because I find out how heavily my work schedule will change over the coming few weeks, which will naturally impact the blog.

So, picking Thursday night.

Such a big part of me wants to take the Broncos! I love the fact that they're still winning games despite not really throwing the ball at all and being somewhat limited in their run game. And you know what? I actually am going to take the Broncos!

Here's the thing; the Chiefs knew what was coming and still couldn't stop it. They played man coverage, they loaded the box, they knew about the option and all those things that people have said will make the Jets more effective. Considering the Jets defense probably isn't much better than the Chiefs against the run, I actually fancy Denvers chances.

At the same time, Mark Sanchez still isn't playing as well as he needs to, to help the Jets win games. Playing against a Denver defense that is actually pretty good and has a good pass rush isn't going to help his cause much.

I can just see this being one of those stupid, bizarre games where the Jets really should win it on paper but then blow it come game time. Maybe Tebow will throw ten passes. He might throw none. He might surprise the Jets and throw thirty. Whatever happens, I think this game is actually going to be a hell of a lot of fun to watch.

Broncos win.

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