Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Update; November 23rd

I'm working on something!! Trust me, I am. Or at least I'm trying to. It will likely be up somewhere in the next 10 hour span.

EDIT; Ok kiss that plan goodbye. Instead the next article will have to wait till tomorrow, where I'm going to look at those forgotten soldiers of the offense; Full backs.

Also I forgot to tally up my picks for week 11 and I can now tell you that I was 10-4 for this week, which puts me at 100-64 for the season, which I believe is a lot better than last year.

And finally I've remembered that we have Thursday night football. What with it being Thanksgiving and all that there's 3 games, so I'm going to take;

- The Packers over the Lions, because I still think the Lions are badly over rated,
- The Ravens over the 49ers, because the 49ers aren't that good either (except on defense),
- The Dolphins over the Cowboys, because the Cowboys struggled to beat Washington last week,

So Happy Thinksgiving and hopefully I'll see you tomorrow.

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