Sunday, November 27, 2011

Week 12 picks

Have we really only got 5 more weeks of the regular season? Damn. Time to pick some winners for Sunday I guess, then let you in on what I'm working on for my next article. I'm already 2-1 this week, so let's try and build on that. Briefly then;

- I'm taking Atlanta over Minnesota. Adrian Peterson is missing for the Vikings which will severely hamper them.
- Bengals over the Browns. The Browns are probably one of the two worst teams in the league at this minute, along with the Jaguars.
- Panthers over the Colts. It's the Colts for crying out loud. Even the Panthers defense and Cam Newton can overcome that challenge.
- Texans at Jaguars. Even with Matt Leinart at quarterback, the Texans should get the win over Jacksonville.
- Jets over the Bills. The Bills just lost Fred Jackson to injured reserve, their offense going with him. Say bye, bye to your season Buffalo.
- Cardinals over the Rams. The Rams certainly have the capacity to play well, they just don't do it very often.
- Titans over the Buccaneers. Because as bad as Tennessee have been, the Buc's have probably been worse.
- Bears over the Raiders. The Raiders are missing a whole bunch of players and Caleb Haine is a solid back up quarterback for the Bears.
- Seahawks over the Redskins. I always complain about the Seahawks, but they're probably better than the Redskins on balance.
- Patriots over the Eagles. The Vince Young lead Eagles will struggle to match firepower with the Patriots.
- Broncos over the Chargers. I've been practically driving the Tebow bandwagon, so I can't jump off now.
- Steelers over Chiefs. Blurgh, the Chiefs.
- Saints over Giants. I give up defending the Giants. F**k 'em.

Right, so what am I working on... actually not all that much. There's a couple of things I saw watching the NFL's "Playbook" show that I want to bring up, so that'll probably end up being a combi post sometime next week, inlcuding Blaine Gabbert and a word on passing lanes.

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