Friday, November 18, 2011

Tebow tops the Jets, plus an update


Outside of Tim Tebow's family and die hard Broncos fans it seemed like I was the only person on the planet who took the Broncos to win it. And it paid off!

God I love listening to the reactions as people try to find an out as to how he did it, in particular because the option is not supposed to work in the NFL, something we've clearly known to be false for a long while now (the quarterbacks long term health not withstanding).

9/20 was Tebow's final passing numbers, but it just doesn't matter. What matters is the end result and that's another W for the Broncos and for Tim Tebow. Sanchez may have finished the game with a better passer rating but then Sanchez threw a pick six and Tebow didn't, which I imagine will go down like a sack of Lead ingots in the New York press (if you're not old enough to know what an "ingot" is then just... bah, go back to your iPod).

It was actually Tebows running on the last drive that had the biggest impact, mainly out of empty or single back sets when his pass protection broke down. That's really a big part of why Tebow is succeeding where Kyle Orton didn't, because the Broncos pass protection sucks and while Orton often made bad passes under pressure, Tebow just tucks and runs, keeping the ball with the Broncos and keeping the chains moving.

However the unsung heroes of the Broncos recent revival  are the defence. Aside from the interception returned for a touchdown by Andre Goodman, the Broncos defense also managed to pile pressure on up front. Rookie Von Miller had 1.5 sacks and four total QB hits, as well as three tackles for loss. Elvis Dumervil put up another 1.5 sacks and the defense as a unit contributed a few more tackles for loss, holding Jets running back Joe McKnight to just 59 yards from his 16 carries.

That puts both teams at 5-5 now and it makes me 1-0 for picks.

Now I was going to do a post about the Cardinals offense from last Sunday but that will have to be put back till tomorrow now as I've had a pretty busy day. The good news though is that I had my meeting at work and I've got at least another two weeks of staying on the same sort of schedule that I am now, so no real disruption till at least the beginning of December. From that point it's likely that I'll break the blog up into scheduled posts on maybe two or three days of the week, depending on how it all falls together.

So Cardinals offense tomorrow, then picks on Saturday. See you then.

P.S. Here's a Lead Ingot for those that are interested

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