Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Update 12/06/11

Looking back at Week 13, not a bad week for me pick wise. 12-4, which takes my season tally to 125-71. Kicking butt compared to last year. My thanks though to the Chiefs in particular, who stole a pick from me with a hail mary pass.

Now the dilema begins. I just can't think what to write about. I'm having one of those mental blocks that sometimes you get, where you have a whole ton of stuff going on in front of you, but for some reason you can't seem to pluck any one thought out from among the morass and turn it into a meaningful article.

I'm tempted to take another look at the Bears run game - and power running in general - just to pick up some threads that I think I left hanging last time I covered them. I'm not sure about that though.

If you have any clever ideas, e-mail them to me; keepingthechainsmoving@live.co.uk

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