Sunday, December 11, 2011

Week 13 picks

Right then. Week 14 picks.

Ravens over Colts; Need I explain? Although Dan Orlovsky actually looks much better than Curtis Painter so there's a chance this wont be quite the walk over that it might otherwise seem.
Falcons over Panthers; As if the Panthers needed any more problems, their left tackle is missing. Against the Falcons pass rush that could be the difference.
Bengals over Texans; Because Andre Johnson is out again.
Lions over Vikings; The Vikings are probably going to be missing Adrian Peterson this week and maybe Christian Ponder too.
Buccaneers over Jaguars; C'mon Tampa. You can't be THAT bad. Can you?
Dolphins over Eagles; Because the Eagles are that bad.
Jets over Chiefs; And so are the Chiefs.
Saints over Titans; Even with Chris Johnson, beating the Saints is tough.
Patriots over Redskins; Brady to Hernandez... touchdown!
49ers over Cardinals; Even without Patrick Willis we should be able to beat Arizona.
Broncos over Bears; No Jay Cutler or Forte for the Bears, but Von Miller is back for the Broncos.
Packers over Raiders; Rodgers vs Palmer = no contest.
Chargers over Bills; Because someone has to win this game.
Giants over Cowboys; The Giants are still a pretty good team.
Seahawks over Rams; What a primetime clash.

I was going to talk about Cam Newton, but now I don't have the time so that'll have to wait till tomorrow or Monday.

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Teoita said...

Do you think it's normal if i burst out laughing every time i watch Broncos highlights these days? As much as i like Tebow, you gotta admit they are insanely lucky...