Saturday, December 24, 2011

A very Merry set of Week 16 picks


While everyone else is preparing for the Holiday period, I spent the entire day at work. Then tomorrow, on the very eve of Christmas day, I'm going to be spending the whole God damn day fitting a carpet. That's life I guess.

So tonight I'm going to lay out my Week 16 picks and then wish you all a Merry Christmas, before ducking back in on Tuesday with my article on the three step drop.

So I already nailed one pick by backing the Colts - more through luck than anything - though I do have to say that I don't understand the criticism being levelled at T.J. Yates for that game, given that he went 13/16 and actually played pretty well. One man a team does not make.

Anyway, here's the rest of my Week 16 picks (don't forget that most of the games are played tomorrow night!)

- Ravens over Browns; because as bad as the Ravens have been at times, they're fighting for the division and the Browns are still bad. If Seneca Wallace plays, expect the Browns to give the Ravens a run for their money.
- Broncos over Bills; because I'm not done being a Tebow fan-boy just yet. Tebow looked better as a pure passer against the Patriots, though the Broncos are still plagued by drops. And I mean that in the Bubonic plague sense. Funny how the Tebow detractors in the mainstream press always leave that part out when talking about him.
- Panthers over Buccaneers; because the Buccaneers couldn't even win a "Best NFL Team in Tampa Bay" competition right now.
- Bengals over Cardinals; perhaps I'm not giving the Cardinals enough credit here, but the Bengals still have some gas left in the tank.
- Raiders over Chiefs; I don't care who the Chiefs beat last week, they still suck right now on offense.
- Patriots over Dolphins; Brady is looking MVP good right now.
- Giants over Jets; I know I should have given up on the Giants by now, but that means backing the Jets and Mark Sanchez, and that's not going to happen.
- Steelers over Rams; because even without Big Ben (Charlie Batch will start for the Steelers) and James Harrison, the Steelers should (he says) be able to overcome the Rams. Could be a tight run thing, which shows just how important Roethlisberger is to the Steelers.
- Titans over Jaguars; because I just can't stop hating on the Jags. They don't exactly do themselves many favours in that regard.
- Redskins over Vikings; because the Redskins have been surprisingly good of late. And the Vikings suck.
- Chargers over Lions; this is a hell of a leap of faith, but the Chargers are playing very good football and look generally pretty healthy right now. The Lions are still over rated.
Eagles over Cowboys; because the Eagles pass rush should give Romo nightmares and the Cowboys are still the biggest under achievers in the NFL right now. They sink to the level of their opponents, and routinely below even that.
- 49ers over Seahawks; because Marion Barber is out for the Seahawks, which means their entire offense is missing. Not that the 49ers have one either, but their defense is much better. This should actually be a great game, even if you're not a 49ers whore like me, providing you enjoy the merits of strong defensive football.
- Packers over Bears; with the Bears QB situation the way it is, this could end up as a blowout. I have no idea why NBC is showing this. It's unlikely to stay a close contest for long, even if the Packers pull Rodgers for Matt Flynn.
- Saints over Falcons; because the Falcons aren't that good.

So like I said, remember that most of those games are on tomorrow! The Packers/Bears is the Sunday Night Game on Christmas Day and the Saints/Falcons is the Monday Night Game on Boxing Day.

I'll see you all again on Tuesday. Until then; have a very Merry Christmas, please don't and drive, enjoy yourselves and I hope you get everything that you wanted. I'll see you next week.

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