Friday, October 29, 2010

London calling

Ugh. My recent work schedule has piled upon me once again, so this is again a very brief stop. Tomorrow I should have time to fit in my picks and even if I can't go into detail, I'll at least produce a list for you. But today I want to harp briefly on a subject that means a lot to me; the prospect of a London franchise. I hate the idea. This week Commissioner Goodell has restated his desire to see a regular franchise in Europe, most likely in London. It -- in my opinion -- is the single stupidest idea that guy has ever had. Now don't get me wrong, I was very appreciative of the chance two years ago to watch the Saints play the Chargers. It was my first live, in the flesh NFL game. And I'm very appreciative this year of the chance to go and watch the 49ers play (well, I'd be more so if they weren't sucking so badly). But a London franchise? I wouldn't support it. I wouldn't care about it. I very much doubt anyone else would either. One reason for this is that when you walk around the stadium on game day, what you see is a flurry of jersey's. Pretty much every team is represented (hand on heart, I didn't see a single Texans jersey last time). This is because everyone else like me who is in to football has been watching it for years. In that time we have all developed our favourites. We have no interest in a London team. But even that isn't the main reason. The main reason is because I know how pissed off British soccer fans would be if the Premier league suddenly turned around and said "oh by the way, we're moving Manchester United to New York". The fans would be in uproar and the rest of the teams would look at that calendar date with dread. It's just such a dumb idea, god knows how it made it past the drawing board. Surely the minute this left Goodells mouth his own advisers should have just shot it down, with big, exploding, armor piercing-incendiary, 40mm rounds. Surely someone stood up and said "Roger, don't be a dumb ass!". Please tell me someone had the sense and balls to stand up to Goodell and tell him how crazy this is? Not that Goodell would listen anyway, but that's not the point. Anyway, must sleep. Have a great day everyone.

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