Sunday, October 10, 2010

Week 5 picks (part 2)

Time now to finish off my picks for the week, starting with:
Saints @ Cardinals >>> Hahaha, really? I'm afraid so. The Cardinals are taking the meaning of the word failure to a completely new and epic level. The loss of guys like Kurt Warner and Karlos Dansby has seemingly ripped this teams soul out. Now, while I still think the Saints are coming to grips with the reality that -- all things considered -- they probably shouldn't have been in the Super Bowl last year, I'm still going to take them like a shot in this game, purely because of how bad the Cardinals are. Saints win.
Titans @ Cowboys >>> If the Cardinals need advice on avoiding failure, they probably shouldn't speak to Titans Line Coach Mike Munchak. The Titans O-line has crumbled this year, although in fairness that is not all down to Munchak. The loss of Center Kevin Mawae has been a huge blow. I said during free agency that despite his age, I'd take Mawae on as my center given his strength and experience. It looks like the Titans should have been listening. Given the match up of the Titans O-line versus guys like DeMarcus Ware and defensive tackle Jay Ratliff, I just can't take them. Cowboys win.
Chargers @ Raiders >>> How the Chargers are in the situation that they find themselves is beyond me. Other than some crappy special teams play, they've been great, especially on offense. As much as I love the Raiders I have to think that they crumble in this one beneath the might of what is probably still the legitimate powerhouse of the AFC West. Keep an eye out for the Chargers running back combo of rookie Ryan Matthews (watch list) and Fullback Mike Tolbert. Chargers win.
Eagles @ 49ers >>> Really, really unsure about this. The reality is that the 49ers are 0-4 and playing like an 0-4 team. The Eagles are..... well we don't know. We haven't seen enough of them with Kevin Kolb at the helm to be able to make a confident decision. The other side of the coin doesn't help either. We know that the Eagles D sucks, but then so does San Francisco's offense? I could probably toss a coin right now and legitimately have just as much of a chance of picking correctly as I would doing it on intuition. And my intuition says Eagles. Eagles win.
Vikings @ Jets >>> Lord Favre arrives in New York for a stand off against arguably the most confident (and with some cause) team in NFL history. The Jets have been very good so far this season and I just can't see any reason why that might come to and end against Minnesota. Even if the Jets pass rush can't put Favre off his throws, they can beat the guy up. Favre is slowly falling apart as his body finally gives up the playing-ghost, so their is a potential for the Jets to finish the job this Sunday. Jets win.
Right, all my picks are in. Now it's just time to sit back and let the fireworks begin!
Have a great day everyone.

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