Monday, October 25, 2010

Notes on Week 7 so far

As always these days I'm pushed for time, so a full round up of week 7 probably wont emerge till either tomorrow or Tuesday. But here are some notes and things:
  • Pick wise the abject season continues. I'm 7-6 so far with one game left to play.
  • Someone needs to remind the Bengals that football games involve two halves.
  • The Steelers were lucky to squeak by Miami who are now 0/3 at home.
  • I said that the Bills were a little under rated, predominantly Ryan Fitzpatrick. I think even I under rated them a little.
  • Someone should remind the Jaguars D-line that just because they have Aaron Kampman now, that doesn't mean the rest of them can just give up on trying to get sacks.
  • Will Tamba Hali get any credit this season now that he's been a consistent sack artist?
  • Only the Browns could score 30 points and yet only get one offensive TD.
  • Orakpo finally went to Disneyland. But DeAngelo Hall will be sleeping with Snow White after 4 picks.
  • Do the 49ers have any feet left to shoot themselves in?
  • The Buccaneers refuse to win games before the final minute.
  • Kenny Britt had almost as many yards receiving from 7 catches as the entire Eagles team from 26.
  • Will Seahawks DE Chris Clemons too start to get credit soon for his consistent sack artistry?
  • And does anyone else remember the time when Matt Hasselbeck used to be good?
  • Give the Chargers credit; at least when they lose they do it in hilarious fashion.
  • Yep, I definitely cursed the Broncos yesterday.
  • Someone should remind Brett Favre he doesn't play for the Packers anymore. And while you're at it, teach Randy Moss how to run in the 4th quarter.
Have a great day everyone.

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