Sunday, October 03, 2010

Week 4 NFL picks (part 2)

Time to finish off my picks for Week 4, starting with:
Colts @ Jaguars -- The Jaguars are truly horrible. I mean truly and utterly horrible. They have an appalling secondary and against Peyton Manning & the Colts that is basically a death sentence. Colts win.
Texans @ Raiders -- The Texans minus starting left tackle Duane Brown were well and truly beaten up by the Cowboys. DeMarcus Ware had a field day with 3 sacks and more pressures. The question then becomes whether the Raiders can match this feat and also run rough shod over Matt Schaub? I think they can. Two names spring to mind; Kamerion Wimbley and Richard Seymour. I imagine both guys will finish with at least a 1 in the sack column next to their name. I'm also anticipating Bruce Gradkowski and Darren McFadden ripping apart a terrible D. Raiders win.
Redskins @ Eagles -- Donovan McNabb returns to Philadelphia looking to stick it to his old team and a legion of fans who are unhappy with McNabb for not taking them to Superbowl glory. Many have argued this and point that McNabb took the team to the big game once and to the NFC Championship game many other times. Others still would argue that if it wasn't for McNabb then they would have won more than just one of those multiple championship games.
Whichever way you lean, it's pretty safe to say that this will be an emotionally charged game. Which I see Philly winning. I like Vick as a runner and passer, certainly more so than McNabb. I like LeSean McCoy better than Clinton Portis. I like DeSean Jackson more than Santana Moss. Maybe the Redskins earn the TE edge with Chris Cooley over Brent Celek, but even that is tight. I certainly like the Eagles D over the Redskins D, which says a lot about the Redskins D. Anyway, Eagles win.
Cardinals @ Chargers -- There is always one game per week where you really don't fancy either team. You think both are equally capable of losing through their own ineptness. This would be it for week 4. I dislike the Chargers just a little less than the Cardinals, so I'll give them the edge. Chargers win.
Bears @ Giants -- If it wasn't for the game above, this could probably qualify as the "don't fancy either team to win it" game. The Bears are quite possibly the worst 3-0 team in history. The Giants are just plain bad. Their vaunted pass rush went missing last year and has failed to return this year. Even the offense is looking bad. Sure they can put up the yards. But scores? No. So who do I dislike more? Even though they're 3-0 I think I have to go against the Bears. Surely they cant come up lucky 4 weeks running? Giants win.
Patriots @ Dolphins -- A Monday Night match up with lots of potential. I have no doubt that the Patriots D is going to give up a ton of points once again. The Dolphins offense is more than capable. But how will the Dolphins D handle the Patriots offense? Can they limit them sufficiently? I like the Dolphins secondary. Enough to pick them. Dolphins win.
Have a great day everyone.

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