Monday, October 11, 2010

Some Thoughts From Week 5

I'll be back later after MNF to round up the weekends action, but for now just some thoughts; -- First of all a common complaint that I have with the NFL; why the constant sh***y tackling? Aren't NFL Players supposed to be the elite of the elite? Aren't their coaches supposed to be the same? So why do so many players seem incapable of making a decent tackle? How is that guys like Troy Polamalu, LaRon Landry and Ray Lewis come out week after week and make great tackles while some players just whiff every time? -- What was up with all the D-linemen raking in picks this week? I'll get into this more during the round up but it was a field day on Sunday for D-line picks. -- What in the name of god were the Bengals doing in the last 4 minutes of their game against the Bucs'? It's kind of widely excepted in the coaching world that the 4-minute drill is very, very important, so how can the Bengals suck at it so badly? -- Given the fact that it's 2010 and we've seen god-only-knows how many defensive pass interference calls in the last 20 years, why are defensive backs still not turning to look for the ball? If you don't and you make contact with the receiver, it's almost a given that a flag will be thrown. So turn around DB's!! -- Last week the Dolphins dumped their special teams coordinator. This week I think the Chargers might be considering dumping theirs. There's been a recent run of poor special teams play and much of it comes down to protection. Just to clarify in case anyone is wondering, if you have 3 protectors to the left side of the Long Snapper then they're responsible for picking up the three inside threats to that side. Not the inside guy and then the two outermost guys. You protect from the inside out; always. Again, this is fundamental, basic football. I'm not a genius and never was as a coach. But at least I had the basics down. -- Could someone please ring the the 49ers and the Cowboys and ask them why it is they choose to blow games in such spectacular fashion. The sad fact is that both teams are pretty good on paper. Unfortunately when it comes to the crunch time they have a nasty habit of beating themselves up. -- And lastly, as a 49ers fan, I'd like to enquire as to how the 49ers O-line can be as bad as it is. Because it truly is horrific to watch. It's like car crash TV but without the morbid curiosity. Just three hours of frustration. No wonder there is such a swelling of anti-run hatred in the world today. O-line play like this from a supposedly "power running" football team just gives proper running teams a bad rap. Have a great day everyone.

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