Friday, October 29, 2010

A retraction by addition

I've always maintained that while bashing teams, coaches, players, analysts etc is relatively fair game, at the same time they have to be given credit when they a) doing something good and/or b) make an effort to fix a perceived problem tat you've bashed them for. A good example is Dez Bryant. Coming into the 2010 season I was expecting Bryant to fall flat on his face after the shambles that was his last year in college and his preparation for the draft. But he's proved everyone wrong. He made the effort through training camp to get out first and work hard to show the Cowboys organisation that he's committed. So far on game days he's played well and despite having to spend his fair share of time on the bench, we haven't heard a peep of complaint. He's working to shed any "diva" image, and that's commendable. And so we come to Having bashed them yesterday I must now take my hat off to them for highlighting this story which I couldn't find reported on any of the other major football news sites. Well done to them. Now time to resolve how my weekend is going to pan out. Picks for this weeks games will likely be spread out over the ensuing evenings, then it'll be time for me to get some serious kip ahead of the two hour coach trip to Wembley to watch the 49ers and Broncos flap about on a football field for probably the most expensive 3 hours of boredom I've ever experienced. Have a great day everyone.

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