Saturday, October 16, 2010

Prime Drama

I'll be back a little later to make the first round of my Week 6 picks, but until then I've got a little something for you. First though we have an article from on fines that have been dished out following week 5. I understand that the league takes the money from the players and redistributes it to a number of good causes, but it's starting to get out of hand. $5,000 for a Horse Collar tackle? As I understand it, aren't the players already punished with a 15-yard penalty? Aren't their indiscretions accounted for on game day? And now we're taking chunks out of players pockets for them as well? C'mon. This is stupid. I understand that it's fashionable to bash players for being over paid etc, and there would be little argument from me about that, but levying big fines for these fouls seems unnecessary for me. At what point do we reach where players -- most likely those on the short end of the salary scale -- end up pulling up in critical moments because of the fear of a big fine? Something has to be done about this. Now, talking of prima donna players, it's time for the head line act. Or should I say the Prime Time act. Deion Sanders. I've always had mixed feelings about Deion. The guy can be incredibly funny at times, as your about to see. But I've also seen that anytime he gets involved with a player as a "mentor" the poor player usually ends up getting caught in a whirlwind of Prime Time drama. I can also only stomach his self aggrandizement to a certain degree before I just start shaking my head. This is a prime (excuse the pun) example. Deion blowing his lid because a group of NFL Network analysts (the mysterious sounding "Blue ribbon panel") voted him as number 34 in a list of the top 100 players of all time. So where does Sanders think he should be? Number 30? Number 25? No, he wants to be in the top ten. Even more than that. He wants to be in top 5. Not that Deion rates himself that highly of course. I also love the way that he rates himself above Woodson, despite Woodsons superior numbers. I mean some of the things he was saying were funny as hell, but this was also a perfect example of just how bad Sanders can be at his worst. My only hope is that this attitude doesn't rub off on guys like Devon Hester and Michael Crabtree. Have a great day everyone.

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