Friday, November 05, 2010

It's all fine.

Just quickly, last Sunday I saw with my own eyes Manny Lawson lay a helmet to chest hit on Broncos QB Kyle Orton. Turns out Lawson has now been fined $12,500 for the hit. This is just getting ridiculous. I'm putting my money on now, that Goodell is skimming some of that pile. That's the only possible explanation for how much and how often players are getting fined. I know people like me who like watching guys get hit often complain about these sort of things, but surely even the more moderate fans have got to be scratching their heads and starting to get a little uneasy at the direction this is all going in. Every week we hear stories of more players being fined for hits that are supposedly illegal. I would debate many of these. As I've already said, offensive players ducking hasn't helped the situation, but some of the hits guys are getting called for are just f%&*ing stupid. It's getting beyond a joke. Bit like my picks this year, the latest of which will be coming tomorrow. Have a great day everyone

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Teoita said...

Also Myron Pryor of the Patriots was fined 7.5k for the hit that injured Favre. You know, the completely legal hit that would have caused no injury had the old man worn a proper chin strap, not one from 1993.