Wednesday, November 10, 2010

News update.

Time for some mid-week news before I hit the sack. Although to be fair, some of this news is a little old. Still: -- Wade Phillips has been fired as the Cowboys Head Coach. Thank god. I'm not really any kind of Cowboys lover, but I feel sorry for a team that looked absolutely hideous on Sunday Night. Previously the offensive coordinator, Jason Garrett has now been promoted to Head Coach and has a great opportunity to sell himself. He started by putting the Cowboys players in pads and getting some contact going in practice. That is a start, but even just to turn around this horror show of a season into something respectable is going to take a mighty effort. Good luck coach Garrett. -- Al Harris was released by the Green Bay Packers and has now ended up in Miami. That's not a bad pick up for the Dolphins, but Harris is in his mid-30's and has had injury problems of late. It's debatable how much production they'll get out of him, but then Mike Nolan has worked wonders I think with that Miami defense. Unfortunately for Dolphins fans they will have to wave bye, bye to corner Jason Allen -- a 2006 first round pick -- who the 'Phins have released to make room. I like Allen. I think he has potential, depending on where he lands. I could see the Bills making a move here. -- And staying in Miami, Head Coach Tony Sporano has announced he will drop Chad Henne for this weeks home game against Tennessee. That's a hell of a bold move right there. I'm not sure how much that really helps Henne's progress. Next up to the plate is Chad Pennington. That really says it all. After Pennington comes Tyler Thigpen, who I secretly think has potential as a starter now that he's come along a little (though I guess it's not a secret anymore). Either way, the Dolphins once promising season has been marred further, with this QB controversy adding to the pressure of having lost all three home games. The Dolphins need to get a handle on this and do it quick. Right, I'm off to get some much needed kip. I'll be back maybe in the morning or tomorrow afternoon to give you my pick for the Thursday Night clash between the Ravens and the Falcons. Till then, Have a great day everyone.

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