Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thursday Night Football

It's that time again.... actually it's sort of that time again. It's the return of Thursday Night Football so I need to get my pick in early. Being that it's Thursday Night now, I've left it a little late, but there's still five hours left (at least, there was when I started) so I think I'm safe: Baltimore Ravens @ Atlanta Falcons: Hmm (yeah, one of them). The very good Ravens come to visit the very good Falcons in a battle of the NFL football menagerie. But who to take? The Ravens are very good defensively. Offensively.... not so much. The Falcons kind of flip that paradigm on its head, but a little less badly. Curtis Lofton still provides that strong presence in the middle, much like Ray Lewis does on the other side. The difference between the Falcons D and the Ravens D is that the Ravens have a lot more pieces other than their Mike Linebacker to work with. Given their strong record at home though, I'd probably have to favour the Falcons. Falcons win. Tomorrow, the rest of my picks for week 10. May God have mercy on my soul. Have a great day everyone.

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