Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Monday Night Football

Monday Night Football is done and dusted (obviously, being that it's now Tuesday Night). So, how did I do pick wise? 9-4 for Week 8 which isn't bad at all. That then leaves me at 58-59 for the season. One of those 4 misses was due to the Texans sinking to the Colts and I have to reiterate my hatred of the Texans this year. You have Arian Foster; who tore the Colts to pieces in week 1. In week 8 he took 15 carries for 102 yards and a TD (longest; 33 yards). Why just 15 carries? The Colts didn't take a 14 point lead until the second quarter and that's still a catchable score. This kind of thing just bugs me to no end. Other things that caught my eye were:
  • Peyton Manning only completing 26/45, many of which were just screens.
  • Andre Johnson putting up another 100+ yard game.
  • The shocking state of the Texans defense, in particular their tackling.
  • The shocking state of the Texans O-line, who were getting run down by Freeney and co.
  • The Colts unusually taking 36 minutes, 25 seconds of the time of possession.
Have a great day everyone.

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