Monday, November 08, 2010

Week 9 brief review

Just time to quickly skim over Sundays games: -- I believe the proper Internet terminology for what just happened at Lambeau field is "OMG WTF?". That was absolutely shocking. The Cowboys didn't just looked lost, they looked like they weren't even bothered. Some of the tackling was purely abysmal. School kids watching that film back would have been embarrassed. I'm surprised Wade Phillips didn't punch anyone. When you factor in the influence of Jerry Jones, who in their right mind would touch this head coaching job now? -- Vick was back on form against the Colts, rushing ten times for 74 yards and a TD, as well as completing 17/29 for 218 yards and a TD. Let the QB controversy begin again. -- When I look at the Chiefs numbers against the Raiders, I can't help but notice that Matt Cassel had 35 pass attempts. Haven't we already learned our lesson Todd Haley? Haven't we already learned this season that Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones are preferable to letting Cassel wing it out? -- Having faced the might of the Giants defense Charlie Whitehurst is still alive, which is always a bonus. Losing 41-7 was a bit of a dampener though. The Giants ran and passed the ball at will against Seattle who just seem listless. -- It's the 4th quarter and you're down by 14 to the 2010 Cardinals. This is a good sign that your team sucks. It took 36/47 for 446 yards, 2 TDs (and 2 INTs) from Brett Favre to largely salvage the game. At least the Vikings defense played their part with 6 sacks. -- When San Diego had a punt blocked with barely two minutes on the clock, it was looking bad for San Diego (and I was laughing heartily). The subsequent TD run by Arian Foster made for gloomy viewing for Chargers fans. But then the Chargers did something surprising, turning their modus operandi for the season on its head. Instead of running lots of plays and pouring on the yards for little end product, they did the opposite; turning 23 pass attempts into 4 TDs. -- So close. So very, very close. But alas the Lions came up short in overtime, scuppering what I was hoping was going to be an inspired pick. Mark Sanchez (22/39, 336 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT) found some of his old form again. -- I believe that yesterday someone said the rivalry between Eric Mangini and Bill Belichick was done, after all, it wasn't like the Browns were going to seriously challenge the Patriots..... ahem. Oh what's this? Humble pie. Lovely. -- Did I seriously predict Carolina as runners up in the NFC South? What the hell was I thinking? Oh wait, it's the Panthers. Meaning that if I project them to do ok, they are of course destined to fall into mediocrity. I hate the Panthers. -- Note to Chan Gailey; yes I like Ryan Fitzpatrick, but 51 passes? Perhaps not that much. More worrying is that the Bills only managed one sack against possibly the worst O-line in football right now. -- Does anyone else remember the days when the Dolphins used to run the ball? Anyone? Still Cameron Wake poured another 2 sacks into his... er.... sack drink (???). -- Michael Turner (24 carries, 107 yards, 2 TDs) continues to make his case for being the best/most consistent back in football. Matt Ryan (24/36, 235 yards, 1 TD) continues to make his case for being the best/most consistent young QB to enter the league in the last 4 or so years. I think the Buc's claim to being the best team in the NFC is done though. -- I'm 8-4 pick wise this week, with one game left to go. C'mon Pittsburgh! Have a great day everyone.

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