Sunday, November 14, 2010

Week 10 picks

Ooops! It's just occurred to me that I haven't done my picks for week 10, so I'd better crack on with that: Detroit Lions @ Buffalo Bills: I hear a lot of people saying that this is the best shot the Bills have at getting a win this year. Really? Personally I don't see it. Still, at least it serves as proof that the Lions aren't getting the respect they deserve. Their defense has come alive this season and while the offense might be dragging its heels a little, it should be enough to see off Buffalo. Expect Fitzpatrick to struggle a little this week as his O-line fails badly to keep his jersey clean. Lions win. Minnesota Vikings @ Chicago Bears: I have no idea how either team has managed to put together as many wins as they have, given their respective faults. But I'm fairly certain the Vikings pass rush will have a good time against what is probably -- from a protection stand point -- the worst O-line/QB combination that I've ever seen. I mean it is literally painful to watch them play. Imagine what's it like to be a Bears fan right now. Vikings win. New York Jets @ Cleveland Browns: Colt McCoy versus Mark Sanchez. Peyton Hillis versus LaDanian Tomlinson. Darrelle Revis versus... someone on the Browns secondary. Braylon Edwards and Santonio Holmes versus Josh Cribbs and Brian Robiskie. But most of all, Rex Ryan versus Rob Ryan (oh, and Eric Mangini). This is actually quite an interesting battle. And to be fair, we can no longer write off the Browns as a nothing team. They've come up big against the Saints and the Patriots now. They deserve some respect. But will they earn more against the Jets? I can't believe I'm even considering this but... yes, I think they will. Mark Sanchez has regressed a little as the season wears on, while Colt McCoy has stepped up to the plate. Browns win. Cincinnati Bengals @ Indianapolis Colts: I'm not even gonna dignify the Bengals with a response. They've let me down seriously this season and I hope the Colts walk up and down the field on them at will. And when I'm happy to see the Colts beat you, you know that I hate you. Colts win. Houston Texans @ Jacksonville Jaguars: I forgot these two teams were in the same division. Damn it! Why? Why must we sit through another game like this? Both these teams suck, especially on the back end. When your secondary is tackling as bad as the Dallas Cowboys then you're in trouble. Which means both these teams are for the chop. I give the edge to the Jaguars on the principal that they're at home and -- all things considered -- they suck just slightly less than the Texans. Jaguars win. Tennessee Titans @ Miami Dolphins: Outside of garbage time/games, I understand the benching of a QB for only two reasons; 1) the starter is playing so badly that it is literally better to have a complete bag of crap under center or 2) the back up is young and deserves the chance to show what he can do compared to the ailing starter. But benching Chad Henne for Chad Pennington? What? Did Henne sleep with Sporano's daughter? Is Sporano concussed? Who knows, but I'm backing the Titans to take the victory, even if Kerry Collins is starting in place of the injured Young. Titans win. Carolina Panthers @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Hahahaha, the Panthers. Hate 'em. On a serious note, it must be frustrating as hell to be a Panthers defensive player. Struggling and sweating to do your best to keep other teams out of the end zone, only to watch your offense then limp and struggle and flail in a comedic act as equally unintentional and utterly hilarious as watching the Chargers special teams. Buccaneers win. Kansas City Chiefs @ Denver Broncos: Screw the Broncos. I though they might make a run at the division this year and I still maintain that they have a fantastic group of young players in the fold. But they're more one dimensional than the Colts. Their defense has almost zero pass rush. And generally I just fancy the Chiefs a bit more in this game. They have a winning formula in there, it's just a question of whether they remember what it is. Chiefs win. Seattle Seahawks @ Arizona Cardinals: Am I really going to pick the "Cradinals"? Seriously? Man things are getting desperate in the NFC West. This division has literally surpassed the previous worst division -- the NFC West -- for just how terrible one division can be combined. The absolute worst part is that one of these teams (the NFC West as whole of course, not just the Seahawks/Cardinals) is guaranteed a slot in the play offs. Oh well, I think Arizona takes another step closer to that dream as they break out "The Beanie One" on the Seahawks. Cardinals win. Dallas Cowboys @ New York Giants: I know the Cowboys have a new coach. I know they practiced in pads this week. But they're still the same Cowboys at heart. Which means they will still be run into the ground by the Giants pass rush while their safeties give up huge chunks of yards after the catch due to an inability to tackle. Giants win. St. Louis Rams @ San Francisco 49ers: See the same comments as the Seahawks/Cardinals game. For me the big question is whether Troy Smith fluked his win in London or not, and how the 49ers coped with the bye week. Did they fix the many problems that they had going in? That secondary looks awfully vulnerable (still) heading into a game against a very good passing attack. As much as it pains me to say it, I think St. Louis has the edge. Rams win. New England Patriots @ Pittsburgh Steelers: Veteran, hardy defense (Steelers) vs. young, inexperienced defense (by default, Patriots). Stuttery offense versus stuttery offense. I'm most worried however about the Steelers under "Big Ben". In the Sunday night game against the Saints a few weeks ago, he looked almost overwhelmed at times. Some of his throws were simply craptacular. But that said, the Patriots lost to the Browns in hilariously bad fashion. At times they looked liked they'd never seen an NFL team before. So it's a bit of a toss up, but I'm going to have to go with the home team here. Steelers win. Philadelphia Eagles @ Washington Redskins: Apparently Ryan Torain will get the nod as the starting RB for the 'skins this week, which is a good thing. A very good thing. Shame though, because the Redskins don't seem to like running the ball very much. To be honest I'm not sure as it will matter. I see the Eagles offense putting on a healthy show and taking down the Redskins D, which will be hard pressed to keep Michael Vick from lobbing 60 yard (actual distance thrown) passes to DeSean Jackson, something the Redskins offense can't hope to compete with. Eagles win. So there we have it. 13 more picks in the bag. So far this week I'm 1-0 and I'm banking on another good week to drag me back into pick respectability. Have a great day everyone.

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